All About Hibiscus Flowers

There may be thousands species of hibiscus flowers all over the world.  If you have posted any hibiscus flowers which are different from mine, in term of color, shape and form, I would like to make a link to your hibiscus flower page here.

I would like to gather as many different type of hibiscus flowers. Let me know in the comment. Do have some funs. Thanks!

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All Hibiscus Flowers Articles

2008/07/24  Growing hibiscus flower

2008/07/20  The beautiful hibiscus flower 3

2008/07/19  The beautiful hibiscus flower 2

2008/07/18  The beautiful hibiscus flower 1

2008/07/13 The different species of hibiscus flowers.

2008/07/05  The Beautiful flower-Hibiscus ( Bunga Raya )


8 responses to “All About Hibiscus Flowers

  1. This will be interesting to see. I think that my Hibiscus looks like one of yours, but I will take a closer look to see if it is right.

  2. Reminds me of home in Guyana. As kids we used to eat the flowers. More than just a pretty thing.

  3. Rvewong
    Thanks for dropping by and comment.
    It is safe to eat i think because this hibiscus is known for its medicinal properties. The roots of the plant are used as a cure for fever and other ailments, while the juice obtained from the leaves and roots is said to be effective in relieving skin eruptions and glandular troubles.

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  5. I love flowers and the way you show them! gardening is one of my biggest passions

  6. I actually remember growing Hibiscus flowers in our garden when we were kids. I must say I didn’t know there were so many species.. I adore the second picture, its amazing.

  7. Great photos! There are so many beautiful varieties of Hibiscus. For a couple more pictures, check out my blog

  8. What a wonderful album of these beautiful flowers you have captured! I love all the colorful flowers.

    Thanks for sharing

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