The sunshine bridges at Putrajaya



When you are in Putrajaya, don’t forget to tour around the beautiful sceneries of the surrounding.

There are quite a number of bridges in Putrajaya..The first bridge that I reached is the Seri Saujana bridge which is the link between the Core Island (Precinct 4) and Precinct 7. The Seri Saujana Bridge is strategically located at the main entrance where I came from, the KL-KLIA highway.

The Seri Saujana Bridge and the Seri Wawasan Bridge are two bridges I like most as their designs are unique and beautiful. Drop by and don’t forget to take some photos of these bridges and its surrounding well-landscaped  gardens fringed with trees, shrubs and  bright colourful blooming flowers.

The Seri Saujana Bridge is the main bridge in Putrajaya, the Malaysian federal administrative capital. From a distant you can see these two bridges and getting there is easy as all the roads in Putrajaya are made for one-way traffic.

These are some photos I shot on the Seri Saujana Bridge and its nearby surrounding … with the pictureque lake and river as the backdrop, the bridge with is unique design is simply outstanding.

Many wedding photographers like to reccomend their clients  to have  their wedding photo shoot at Putrajaya too.






14 responses to “The sunshine bridges at Putrajaya

  1. As always, I find it very interesting to read about your country. Your photos show perfectly the great architecture of the bridges. From a graphic designer´s view, the sky and lines photo (6) are realy interesting.

  2. Great shots of the bridge!

  3. Amazing shots, what camera do you use?

  4. Hey lovely composition with the bridge 🙂

  5. Lovely!!
    Hi!! Hows life going?
    Hey! I want to tell you one thing; I’ve launched my personal website. Please visit once.

    Take care

  6. The 4th and 5th photographs in this post are really great – with the lines and composition and framing they almost approach abstraction.

    Very nice, very crisp.

  7. I really do like I am going to show my colleagues. We have new website opp at work. Could be an opp for you?

  8. I must commend you for all those well-taken pix of Putrajaya. Would love to see more from you especially shots of places and faces. Good work.

  9. I wish you and your family a happy new year!

  10. Putrajaya no doubt has the finest bridge design you can ever fine in a metropolitan city.

    I have always wanted to go to Putrajaya to photograph them but just timing is not right. Either is too sunny and hot or rains and gloomy.

    Your photos reminds me that I have to work harder and so that I can personally shoot those awesome objects.

    Thanks for sharing this great photos.

  11. Nice photos -especially 4 and 5.

  12. that are some exceptional photographs of a beautiful sunshine

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