A story of BOH Tea at Sungei Palas Garden



If you want to enjoy the cool weather and fresh air – 5000ft above sea level highland for a holiday, I would recommend  the Cameron Highlands. Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and also don’t forget to go to the BOH plantations.

BOH Plantations owns four tea gardens with a total planted area of 1,200 hectares: Boh, Fairlie and Sungei Palas in Cameron Highlands, and Bukit Cheeding in the lowlands.

I always like to go to the Boh Tea garden at Ringlet whenever I am on holiday in Cameron Highlands. This time I choose to visit this Sungei Palas Garden.

After touring Cactus Point and Rose Garden in Brinchang it was almost afternoon, we took the road which is nearby Brinchang and proceeded to the BOH SUNGEI PALAS GARDEN.

The road is very narrow so we can’t stop along the way for photography. I don’t have many photos on this plantation and also I missed some photo opportunity when the workers were working, plucking tea leaves in the morning.

We reached and parked our cars near to a primary school and walked along a small path toward the tea centre. A tea sommelier led us to a small room for a video presentation on the tea plantation and explained the intricacies of tea tasting. 

In 1929, a man named J.A Russell obtained a tract of freehold land and transformed it into the first highland tea garden in Malaysia. He named it Boh. So begins the history of BOH Plantations.

Generally the process of tea is 1. Plucking 2. Withering 3. Rolling 4. Fermentation 5. Drying 6. Tea tasting 7. Storage .

Later we ordered a cup of Boh tea in the Tea centre and enjoying our cuppa while overlooking the valley.

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12 responses to “A story of BOH Tea at Sungei Palas Garden

  1. How fun it would be to explore in those gardens. Everything looks so lush and green

  2. Oh, so green. I bet it smells wonderful.

    Around here the snow has almost all melted away but the grass is a brownish yellow still and the trees are bare.

  3. nice shot with green background.

  4. Nice shots. It all looks so familiar and I loved that cafe location.

  5. looks like an enjoyable place 🙂
    was the tea nice(?)

  6. wow….i like the enviroment so much.Besides, the air oso fresh…

  7. I must make it a point to visit a Boh Tea Plantation the next time I’m in Cameron Highlands.

  8. This was very interesting to see and read about.

  9. Cool photos of a subject I’ve never seen before.

  10. it’s kinda refreshing out there….

  11. Wow, that is one neat looking place, it must make for a great outing capped off in the tea house.

  12. somebody please tell me where i can get boh annual report 2009???

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