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Goodbye 2008 Welcome 2009


Today is the New Year’s Eve and in a few more hours  thousands of people will flock to Dataran Merdeka, Bukit Bintang area, Mid Valley Megamall, Suria KLCC, The Mines and Sunway Pyramid. Most of the people want to celebrate together with their family members, loved ones and friends.

AS the year 2008 comes to a close and most people in the city look forward to the year ahead and start to welcome the year 2009.

Police has warned the revelers not to repeat the mayhem which happened during the Christmas Eve’s celebration. And don’t spend the New Year in the police lock-up.

The Christmas Eve’s celebration on Wednesday was just over few day ago. However part of the crowd turned rowdy and this result The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) hit out at irresponsible revellers who littered Jalan Sultan Ismail in Bukit Bintang areas

At Gurney Drive revelers indiscriminately sprayed foam at passing vehicles, some even kicked or stomped on cars. Two students were reported to have remanded on obstruction police.

To my shocking I read a report in the newspapers that there will be a mega sex party on New Year’s Eve that is scheduled to be held in Johor Baru . Under-wear off – that is one of the conditions for guys and the girls must wear only G-string panties and be prepared to take them off after midnight to usher in the new year.

Is this becoming our Malaysian way of celebrating a joyful occasion in this coming New Year. Will the people accept this kind of festive celebration?

Goodbye 2008 Welcome 2009! Here I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.

Happy New Year.


Flash back the 2008 countdown………When the tower clock at Dataran Merdeka struck 12midnight , showers of colorful fire works display flashed immediately lighting up the night sky. The crowd of revellers started cheering each other and welcome the year 2008.

Merry Christmas



I love these colorful photos as they are attractive, and I would like to call them Jack. Just the way I want to say a word of Thank you to all those who follow this blog.

May Santa Claus bring you and your family joy, peace and good health. I hope everyone are enjoying the holiday.

Merry Christmas

My first Christmas greetings!


CHRISTMAS is a joyful time for family and friends to get together. The shopping malls, hotels and of course homes of Christians are decked with Christmas trees and decorations.

Everyone are sending greeting to their family members, love one and friends. This year I would like to mention the first Christmas greeting I received. The first Christmas greeting was through email from Koh Su Chun, former Associated editor,The Star. He send me the first greeting, very early is because he and his wife wanted to attend their daughter Jun’s graduation in Australia.Congratulations!

The first e-card Christmas greeting is from my brother in law Andrew Tan who is living in Canada with his family. The first SMS Christmas greeting is my friend Erin Ng who went with my family for a holiday in Cameron Highland recently. And finally my first phone call on Christmas greeting is Dale Ng. I really forget to mention my blogfriend Dinesh, he is the first one to send me  Christmas greeting through Visuallens. There is no more physical greeting cards like old days.

I would like to say a word of thank you to these special friends Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May Santa bring you joy, peace and good health. I hope everyone are enjoying the holiday.

To others, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Are the wild Malayan tigers protected from The National Tiger Action Plan.


I think this is a good news to many people who love wildlife that the Malaysian government wants to double its wild tiger population. The Star published this story written by AP and I read it with interest after the white tigers attacked and killed a cleaner in Singapore Zoo..

Malaysia has launched an ambitious plan to double its wild tiger population within 12 years by protecting jungle corridors where poachers prey on the endangered big cats, activists said.

The National Tiger Action Plan aims to have 1,000 Malayan tigers roaming in the wild by 2020, said Sara Sukor, a spokeswoman for Malaysia’s chapter of the World Wildlife Fund, one of several conservation groups that helped the government create the plan.

Authorities estimate Malaysia’s wild tiger population has fallen from 3,000 to 500 in the last half-century, largely due to illegal hunting and the human encroachment and destruction of the tigers’ natural jungle habitat. Tiger meat is exported, served at exotic restaurants and used in traditional Chinese medicine — all illegal acts under Malaysian law. Continue reading

These were photos of two Malayan tigers which I captured in the Zoo Negara. I posted some related articles on this ” big cats ” as I love to photograph them.




It’s look like a sunbird?


These are some photos of a colorful little bird which were taken in the Cactus Point, Cameron Highlands. It looked almost like the Olive-backed Sunbird but there is a difference in color. I believe this bird belong to the Sunbird species.

This colorful little bird had flown into the nusery and was sucking nectar from the flower to flower.

It’s chirping sound and appearance are almost the same as the Olive-backed Sunbird which I snapped in my garden. The only difference is that the underparts of this bird is white in color and the size is slightly bigger.

As I posted It’s a Olive-backed Sunbird earlier, they are small songbirds, at most 12cm long. The underparts of both male and female are bright yellow, the backs are a dull brown color. The forehead, throat and upper breast of the adult male is a dark, metallic blue-black.

Does anyone know the difference and name of these colorful little birds?




The Roses in Rose Valley Cameron Highlands



We visited the Rose Valley,Cameron Highlands in the afternoon. The entrance fee is RM4.00 per person Its main attraction as according to its name is the varieties of roses in this garden . Countless variety of roses of various shades of colors can be found here but some of the flowers appeared to be withering indicating the end of their bloom span. Those fully bloomed ones were fading, their petals showing signs of age with brown and blemished spots even on the leaves.

Nevertheless we were enthralled by the beauty of the roses not to mention the fragrances as we held the soft petals close to our nose. We were excited with the different fragrances of the roses, some smelled stronger than others. The sweet fragrances reminds us of perfumes in our talc and soaps.

We all agreed that the leisure walk among the beautiful and fragrant blooms in the cool climate was really therapeutic for city folks like us.We are grateful that the caretakers of this rose garden have taken good care of this place not to mention its clean washrooms.

We hope to come again but this time maybe in September, the peak of the blooming season when there is also the annual flower parade.

Flowers grown in Cameron Highlands include roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums, fuschia and gladioli. You can buy cheap flowers here at flower nurseries or the market.





Cactus Point and all the cactus you like




Back to my Cameron Highlands tour…..The night was cool and the air was fresh. We were undecided of the plans for the next day. Eventually, Tony and Erin decided to have a morning walk at 6am while I made up my mind to go for an early photography shoot before our morning breakfast at 8.30am

My family and I over slept being lazy to get up from the warm bed. Tony and wife managed to wake up earlier to keep up with their planned morning walk

The apartment we stayed in Vijay Dahlia, is owned and managed by the famous Hollywood James Bond star, Micheal Yeoh’s family. There was no outward beautiful attraction in the apartment but the cool weather and the natural beautiful green surrounding made up for it.

We had our breakfast at a small foodstall in Binchang. We all had hot spicy curry noodles and hot coffee to warm ourselves in the cold morning .

Cactus Point was the first place we visited during our Cameron Highlands holiday It is situated within Binchang. The entrance is free. The Cactus Point and Cactus Valley are the two most popular spots if you want to see the most variety of cactus plants.

As you enter Cactus Point, you would notice that its main attraction is in the center where all the various cactus plants are placed prominently. On the left is a section for all the popular flowers and on the right a small section of strawberry. All of them are for sale, including the miniature cacti as souvenirs. They are easy to care for.

Cacti, cultivated by people worldwide, are a familiar sight as potted plants, houseplants or in ornamental gardens in warmer climates.

Do you know Cacti are commonly used for fencing material where there is a lack of either natural resources or financial means to construct a permanent fence. This is often seen in warm climates, such as Kenya. This is known as a cactus fence and it was reported in the Wikipedia..

Cactus fences are often used by homeowners and landscape architects for home security purposes. The sharp thorns of the cactus deter unauthorized persons from entering private properties, and may prevent break-ins if planted under windows and near drainpipes.