Enter the Year of Golden Ox


The Year of the Ox brings economic uncertainties to Malaysian folks here. Local newspapers has reported more about the closing down of factories and retrenchment of workers.

Despite the global economic slowdown, shopping malls in Klang Valley are putting up  activities to attract crowds for this festive Chinese New Year.

I took my family to the Pavilion at Bkt Bintang Kuala Lumpur. We chose to visit this place as  the Chinese New Year Open House will be held here on Feb 7. As today is the start of celebration the first anniversary of Pavilion, the place would be hive of attraction.

A life-sized Golden Ox displayed at the entrance of the mall draws curious shoppers to have a closer look.  Many took the opportunity for a photo shoot posing next to it .

Those born in the Year of the Ox are said to be hard working and persevering. But to the businessman, the year of  Ox will bring them good business and prosperity.

As we walked around the mall we hardly see any crowd perhaps many are still on the long holiday and have taken the opportunity to go outstation. Those  here are mostly window shopping as we realise the times are bad and everyone wants to control their spending.

Nevertheless the mall is still in the festive mood for the Chinese new year as many shops are well-decorated with red and colorful lanterns, flowers and plants

Pavilion has passionately designed for the love of food especially the public food court with many local cuisines. It is the only place that is crowded with many city folks, Malay, Chinese, Indian and tourists enjoying their favourite food. We ordered three bowls of curry noodle which cost RM24.00

I hope the Golden Ox will bring all the happinese and smiles to our folks here.





7 responses to “Enter the Year of Golden Ox

  1. Woh! What a very muscular Golden Ox! Augurs well for the year. It will certainly be a hardworking and fruitful year.

  2. Red dominates your pictures. You do such a good job explaining your holiday. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your story.

  3. The golden Ox looks impressive! Which material is it made of? I liked the photos with a lot color too, and enjoyed reading about your visit to the mall. It sounds like it could have been here, just the decorations (and food) are different.

  4. Great info and images, must be wonderful to witness the festivities !!

  5. Dear all,

    Thanks!I hope the Golden Ox will bless everyone with good health. Happy shooting!
    Brigitte-I don’t know what is made of but definately not gold.

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