The beautiful hibiscus flower 3

The history of Tropical Hibiscus Flower.

The tropical hibiscus originating in Asia and the Pacific islands, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia. It is closely associated with Hawaii, however the state flower for Hawaii is a native species of hibiscus, H. brackenridgei. It is a yellow hibiscus in color.

Real interest in Hawaii developed around the turn of the century. Some plants probably came from China and were crossed with native Hawaiian species. Interest spread to the U.S. mainland and Florida became a center for this interest — the Norman Reasoner family being early pioneers.

Gaye Johnson posted some beautiful pictures of hibiscus flowers taken from Edison Home. For those interest on hibiscus flowers can compare the different species of Hibiscus flowers taken from Hibiscus Garden Kuala Lumpur to those in Florida.

Another strong area of organized interest in hibiscus is Australia. It is thought that they were introduced there in the early 1800s, but real interest was sparked later when 30 plants were imported from India for use in the landscaping of Brisbane by its city council. The northern parts of New Zealand also became involved in hibiscus culture.

If in areas with frost, keep your favorite grafted hybrids in pots and bring inside. There are many gardeners who grow all their hibiscus in pots. These people may live in Texas or even Minnesota and Ontario and they find ways to successfully grow and enjoy the tropical hibiscus 12 months a year.

Many of the non-grafted “garden varieties” will come back from the roots if a frost kills the upper plant, but these ARE tropical plants.


7 responses to “The beautiful hibiscus flower 3

  1. Yes, the hibiscus is such a lovely flower.
    We have a lot of these growing in the Philippines ususally the Red flowers.

  2. Leah,
    Thanks for commenting. There are quite a lot species of hibiscus flowers, even it is red color. I am not sure they are the same but the size and format something may be different.

  3. Oh my goodness, these are beauties! The colors are wonderful. You did a great job of capturing these Hibiscus. I must get out and find more and will soon.

  4. Gaye,
    Thanks. I do hope that there are many more species of hibiscus flowers posted from here and Florida.

  5. This is a beautiful flower and a wonderful post about it. I love learning about these flowers. And they bring us together don’t they? All over the world and enjoying the same thing for once.

  6. David,
    Thank you of you kind words.There are too many species of hibiscus flowers all over the world.

  7. wow nice flower
    keep your good info

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