Photo Series: How To Take Perfect Flower Pictures

I find this video footage by Amy Renfroy Flower photography tutorial about how to take better flower pictures is useful. Have a look if you want to go serious on taking perfect flower pictures.

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#.Taking better flower pictures

May 31, 2008 :

Perhaps, I should take the picture in the morning, not in the hot afternoon. I ask my photographer friends, and some suggested that I should use manual focusing rather set on the auto focusing mode. I should always use macro lens to shoot pictures of flowers.

I also realised the flower shot was not sharp enough and I should have used a tripod. Keep reading Taking better flower pictures

#.Taking perfect flower pictures

June 7, 2008

The morning has a vast difference from the afternoon as I noticed that there are dews on the flowers and this makes the flowers better and fresh looking .But the morning also attracts many tiny insects to the flowers. The bees and butterflies were fluttering around the flowers for the nectar.

Unlike Canon 70-200mm zoom lens, the use of Canon 100mm Macro lens at a closer distance makes it easy for me to spot the insects and thus less mistakes. Bo’s advices made me more careful and I avoid it in the shoot. The result this time is better with less mistakes of insects being seen in the pictures. Keep reading Taking perfect flower pictures

#.The Perfect Flower pictures

June 14, 2008

Flower photography is a great photographic pleasure. Flowers can’t look any better than in color. In my opinion not all flowers are the same, some look like they are easy to be photographed but it may difficult to get all the details.

Choosing the right lens is extremely important. There is the question of Canon 70-200mm zoom vs 100mm macro lens – which lens is better or to buy if you have a limited budget? Keep reading The perfect flower pictures

4 responses to “Photo Series: How To Take Perfect Flower Pictures

  1. Chrisy,
    This is invaluable. Thanks. I’ll listen to it again and then get out there with my macro.

  2. Thanks for the YouTube video. It is very interesting and informative. Learned a lot from it. Will come back another time to read the articles.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great post. The series of articles on taking perfect flower pictures with the YouTube footage make me stop to use my favourite 300mm telephoto to macro 100mm

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