The beautiful hibiscus flower 1

Sitting in front of my computer and going through all the beautiful hibiscus flowers, I really don’t know what to write. I don’t know the type of species the hibiscus flower belong to.

This crimson red hibiscus flower with overlaying petals is a beauty of its own. The petals are overlapping so closely you can’t count how many there are. I also notice that it does not have a stamen like the other hibiscus flowers.

Keep viewing of pictures on different species of hibiscus flowers on this following days and I will post more and hope you all like it.


5 responses to “The beautiful hibiscus flower 1

  1. They are very beautiful, the stamen and folds in the petals are wonderful in this, well done !!

  2. This is a beauty! Tomorrow I go to find Hibiscus at the Edison Home. I hope they are blooming early in morning.

  3. Bernie Kasper. Thank you dropping by to give me some encouraging words. I deeply appreciated especially from you whom I asked for advice on my series on taking perfect flower pictures.

    Gaye. I am waiting for your return, so that I can compare the hibiscus flower here to those in Florida.

    Happy shooting

  4. Gorgeous depth to this flower. Imagine how attractive to a bee. Really lovely.

  5. Bo thank you for your help and encouraging in this photo series on how to take perfect flower pictures. Your advice are always remembered and I deeply appreciated My friend..thank you

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