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Malaysiaku Gemilang



Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!

More pictures of the celebration can be found in The Star Photo Gallery

Watch the video of the Merdeka Celebration by Star Multimedia Desk.

Fireworks light up Putrajaya-Italy




Team Italy presents their creation over the Sri Saujana Bridge during the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 in Putrajaya, August 25, 2007.GLENN
Guan/The Star

The spectacular colourful sparkling of the fireworks is professionally captured with his camera set on a tripod, bulb mode with lower ISO. If you want various types of sparkling effects of the fireworks, you can play with different ISO setting by adjusting the shuttle speed.

This competition is to be held for two weeks comprising nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia who will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.

Detail of the story read here

Fireworks light up Putrajaya-Italy


Fireworks over Seri Saujana Bridge by Team Italy during Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 in the administrative capital of Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur August 25, 2007. StarPix by Raja Faisal Hishan

Raja Faisal Hishan is an assistant chief photographer with The Star.Welcome to visit Seniman Menangis to view more of his works

Newspapers Go Multimedia

Reading the story of The Boss Shows The Way from THAI TAKES by Philip Golingai of The Star, newspapers are starting to move towards the direction of Multimedia journalism. Do you agree that the future for newspapers should be like this, video is the most effective way in drawing people.

Lets compare ( click on and view) the three multimedia desks from these major newspapers, The Star Malaysia , Straits Times Singapore and The Nation of Thailand.

Which is the Best–Nikon D3 vs Canon 1D Mark lll series.


Nikon launched its D3 today in Japan. Whether amatuer or professional, all want to know how good of Nikon D3 compare to Canon 1D Mark lll and 1Ds Mark lll.

The Star photojournalist Lai Voon Loong is assigned to cover this event and he has the first hand of the story about this Nikon D3 camera. Find out from what he thinks and feels about this launching in his Shot Story column in The Star when he returns.

Let see how Nikon proof to us it is super and the best over it’s rival Canon.

Will the new Nikon D3 be able to recapture market share lost to arch rival Canon over the last several years? Would the former Nikon users who switched to Canon will open their mind to change back to Nikon? What is the pricing and all will be known very soon.

Instead of competing for the greatest number of pixels possible on the sensor though, Nikon has redeveloped their flagship cameras to maximize image quality and performance.The Nikon D3 features a full-frame sensor with a 12.1-megapixel resolution.
Nikon has developed their own CMOS sensor, dropping the Sony-produced sensor for the D3, which the company has dubbed the FX format (as opposed to the DX format sensor in the previous models).

The magnesium-alloy body has a new Nikon-developed image processing engine called “Expeed” to produce either 12 or 14-bit images at a nine frames-per-second speed with a buffer that captures 67 JPEG or up to 20 NEF (RAW) images at a burst

Check detail information for the Nikon D3 here.

1. Nikon Imaging

2. Dpreview


Fireworks lightup Putrajaya-Australia


This competition is to be held for two weeks comprising nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia who will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.

Detail of the story read here
Or to watch the video the moment of the launch by Star Multimedia Desk.


Team Australia presents fireworks over the sky of Putrajaya during
the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007, August 22,
2007. GLENN GUAN/The Star

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III And EOS 40D Digital SLR



Canon Unveils New Flagship Full-Frame Pro DSLR — the 21.1MP Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III

Low noise CMOS sensor and dual “DIGIC III” image processors power new DLSR aimed to compete with medium-format cameras.

Canon has announced the EOS-1Ds Mark III, the first 35mm-style digital SLR to break the 20MP barrier.

The new model combines a 21.03 million image pixel self-cleaning sensor and maximum 5 fps shooting rate in a body that’s nearly identical in appearance to the EOS-1D Mark III, and shares most of that camera’s features and specifications as well.

The EOS-1Ds Mark III has a larger viewfinder than the EOS-1D Mark III (and EOS-1Ds Mark II also), a narrower ISO range of ISO 100-1600 (plus 50 and 3200) and support for the UDMA protocol for much quicker writing to an inserted CompactFlash card.

Canon Releases 10.1-Megapixel Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR

Long anticipated follow-up to Canon 30D features quicker 6.5 fps shooting speed.

Canon EOS 40D Review

by Philip Greenspun; created September 2007

The Canon 40D gives you the same 10-megapixel resolution as the Rebel XTi for nearly double the price, double the size, and double the weight. The sensor is the same physical size as on the Digital Rebel, resulting in a waste of glass when using lenses designed for the full-frame EOS bodies (film, 5D, and 1Ds). Why would anyone want to buy the Canon 40D?

Here are the reasons:

  • two control wheels instead of one: faster user interface especially when using metered manual exposure or setting exposure compensation
  • superior durability and protection from dust and rain
  • the larger physical size puts controls in more natural positions for most adult hands
  • better/brighter viewfinder and larger rear LCD
  • (for soccer moms) better autofocus system and faster motor drive increase potential for capturing peak action at a sports event Read more