Qing Ming and Tomb Sweeping




Traditionally the Qing Ming  falls on the first week of April and Chinese will go back to attend this Tomb Sweeping Day every year.

The Chinese elderly parents will want the qing ming or  tomb sweeping Day to continue..to give an opportunity for the younger generations to meet and learn to respect the ancestors of this traditional culture.

Three months ago, the permission to remodify the tombs of my ancestors  was granted after consultation with a medium. An auspicious day was chosen and all family members are required to attend the ceremony.  

It was for a good  reason that  when  family members  come back to  pay their respects during the qing ming festival, the tombs being restored would prove that the dead are not forgotten by their filial descendants.

Under the medium’s guidance  the ceremony started with the digging of the graves to collect the ancestors bones with much care every tiny piece of bones and the skull of the dead were unearthed and placed into an urn arranged according to position and reburied into the same graves.

Another date was set for all members of the family to attend to witness the new tombs with the medium performing a ceremonial ritual..

Now the qing ming festival is near and all our family members have decided to return to our home near Ipoh on this coming Sunday and we will gather again. Our deceased grandmother’s soul would be pleased to have the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered at the new tombs -rebuild after almost 50 years.

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9 responses to “Qing Ming and Tomb Sweeping

  1. Thank you for telling about, and showing your pictures from this respectful tradition.

  2. Good to know about Chinese tradition. But you haven’t spoken anything about its origin and why it is held so reverently?

  3. Asian cultures are so much different and keep their bonds to their past family history with traditions such as this.

    A very beautiful and well done photo essay. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dear all,

    The Chinese Qing ming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day is meant All Souls Day in Western. The Chinese culture is very much different from Western..But I think it shares the same meaning and it is just a day to remember and honour one’s ancestors.

  5. Good custom to make people remember their ancestors.

  6. A fascinating account of your efforts to honor those who have gone on. And the photos are very interesting too.

  7. It’s the first time I read about the exhumation of an ancestor’s tomb. Interesting post & photos.

    For my family, Qing Ming is also a very important day for us to get together in memory of my grandparents and Dad. It’s a very cherished moment for us.

  8. the photos are very interesting too.

  9. Thank you. Without your beautiful pictures and the story behind them Many of us would have never known about the Chinese Qing ming Festival. To understand our world we have to learn about those around us.


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