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Taking better flower pictures

Frankly speaking, I seldom photograph flowers and so I won’t consider myself as an expert on flower photoghraphy. The best I can do is figure out how to get the best shot.

I shot these orchid flowers with my Canon 30D camera fixed with a 70-200 zoom lens.

Perhaps, I should take the picture in the morning, not in the hot afternoon. I ask my photographer friends, and some suggested that I should use manual focusing rather set on the auto focusing mode. I should always use macro lens to shoot pictures of flowers.

I also realised the flower shot was not sharp enough and I should have used a tripod.

I have to concentrate on what I see in the viewfinder, and recompose the picture until it looks the best. And don’t forget to try vertical framing, as well as horizontal.

Examine the fascinating textures and geometries of leaves, seed pods and fallen petals.

It’s also important to know the control of depth of fields in your camera.

I don’t have all the answers to good picture shots of flowers. You have to select to photograph the most blossom flower in a plant with the best combination of form, color, lighting and background.

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A visit to Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

I visited the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden which is located in the Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur. It is just in front of the Bird Park.

I walked leisurely around the garden to look and admire the beautiful exotic orchids of various species in the garden.

In the Orchid Garden there are water fountains, a lotus pond and an Orchid Shop. The shop provides lots of choices of orchids for orchid enthusiasts. I found the prices reasonable. You should visit the shop (located inside the garden) if you visit this place…

Trees surround the garden which is on higher ground and this makes the scene here more beautiful with Kuala Lumpur city at the backdrop. Many tourists were taking photos here which is behind the Petronas Twin Towers and Menara Kuala Lumpur. Some visitors were reading books under the shelter and it was really relaxing.

Kuala Lumpur orchid garden opens everyday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. On public holiday and weekend, there is an entrance fee. The current fees is RM1.00/person (applicable for 12 Years old and above ).For weekdays, there are no entrance free

I regretted not coming in the morning as the afternoon sun was hot in the midday. All at a sudden threatening black clouds darkened the sky. It was going to rain so I took some of these photos quickly. I intend to come again more prepared for the next visit.

Wesak greeting from Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple

Happy Wesak Day!

May all living together in peace, harmony at this multiracial communities. Wesak greeting you and your family Good Health and Happiness. A wish to D L Ennis for his return to full recovery and good health.

These are some pictures taken on today celebrations at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Jalan Berhala, Brickfields.

The celebration is toned down as the temple wants to channel the funds to cyclone victims in Myanmar and earthquake victims in China, according to Chief High Priest of Malaysia, the Most Venerable K. Sri Dhammaratana Maha Nayaka Thera.

The Little talking Mynah Bird

I walked in the playground at Lake Garden and I saw this little bird on the tree. It was a little talking Mynah bird looking hungry for its meal.

The Common Mynah is a mynah ( Myna ), a member of the starling family. This bird is native in southern Asia from Iran and Kazakhstan to Malaysia and China, and in Egypt. It is also known as the Indian Mynah and as the Talking Mynah for its ability to mimic human speech..

“Mynah” is not a biological classification within the starling family, but rather a geographical one. “mynah” (“maina”) is the Hindi word for starling, and this name has tended to be applied to starling species native to southern and southeastern Asia and the southwest Pacific. The word “mynah” derives from the Sanskrit “madana,” meaning joyful or delightful, which comes from the word “mad,” to rejoice, which in turn derives from a root meaning “bubbles.” So ultimately the word “mynah” means “bubbling with joy.”

In its native India the Common Mynah is called the “Farmer’s Friend” because it eats insects that destroy crop plants. They are also highly regarded by gardeners in other countries as natural insecticides. In some countries people keep mynahs as pets. They make intelligent and affectionate pets as they can learn to greet their owners in several languages

The Common Mynah builds a nest in hole in a tree or wall. The normal clutch is 4–6 eggs.

This 25-cm-long bird has dark brown body and wing plumage, with large white wing patches obvious in flight. The head and throat are dark grey. The bill, bare skin around the eyes and strong legs are bright yellow. The sexes are similar. Mynahs mate for life.

The Amazing Haziq by Azhar Mahfof..

Patience and persistence paid off for The Star photographer Azhar Mahfof when he won the first prize in the Best Photo Essay category of the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) – Petronas Malaysian Press Awards. He received the award from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

His winning photo essay titled Amazing Haziq featured the daily routine of a 12-year-old boy, who was born paraplegic.

Last year, Azhar Mahfof who photographed the life of a 12 years old boy Mert Bert in Cambodia, has also won him the first prize for Best Photo Essay in Malaysia Press Institute (MPI).

With the same entry, the Angkor photo essay also won him a Gold Award of IFRA Best Newspaper Photographer category at the 6th Asia Media Awards 2007.

The Amazing Haziq

Azhar Mahfof said he spent two months persuading Mohammad Haziq’s father to allow him to take photos of his son’s daily life.

“After I got the permission from the father, I spent two days talking to Haziq and his father so that I could portray the true picture of the fiercely independent boy,” he said after receiving the award here last night May 2, 2008..

Like most 12-year-olds, Muhammad Haziq is full of energy. He plays football almost every day, swims, scoots around on his skateboard and hangs out with his friends as much as he can. Oh, and he loves school, too.

But Haziq, as he is fondly known, is no ordinary child.

Born a paraplegic, he does not have the use of his lower body (his lower limbs are not fully formed) and relies on his trusty skateboard to get around. He uses his arms to navigate his way around and lift himself up.

The Year Six pupil, however, refuses to let his disability stop him from doing any of the things he loves. Read More

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Nikon D3 firmware upgrade again..

I understand there are some problems with the Nikon D3 Firmware v1.10 lately. It is understandable that those who bought the Nikon camera are not happy about it. Some photographers who bought the Nikon D3 for about RM14,000 are feeling frustrated when they found out that something was wrong with this highly-rated camera after downloading the firmware. They don’t know what to do about it and are confused with the upgrades. This posting perhaps may help those Nikon D3 owners to clear their minds regarding the firmware upgrade.

Follow the report by Rob Galbraith about what went wrong here:

Firmware v1.10 for the Nikon D3, released earlier this week as a download from Nikon support sites appears to have introduced an intermittent photo corruption problem to Nikon’s flagship digital SLR. We’ve been bitten by it, received a handful of reports from other D3 shooters who have too, while a thread on a popular Web discussion forum is filled with posts showing or describing precisely the same offset ghost image phenomenon we’ve experienced since loading the new firmware on Tuesday.

(Update, April 18, 2008: Nikon has now confirmed the photo corruption problem.)

And also what PDN reported:

What is it with buggy updates lately? First there was that problematic Adobe Lightroom update in March and now there’s this dodgy Nikon D3 firmware issue. After withdrawing Version 1.10 of the D3 firmware because of some incidence of photo corruption, Nikon has posted Version 1.11 B of the firmware alongside Version 1.10 A. Yeah, don’t ask.

If you want the Mac version of the new D3 firmware, click here.
If you want the Windows version of the D3 firmware, click here.

What the Nikon said, click here

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