The Beautiful flower-Hibiscus ( Bunga Raya )

I saw a pink hibiscus flower posted in Gaye Johnson’s photography blog. The flower looks like the type of hibiscus we have, only the color is different. Hibiscus or bunga raya (Malay) is the national flower of Malaysia.

There are many varieties of the hibiscus over here, but the five-petaled Hibiscus rosa sinensis was chosen above the others, as the most symbolically relevant. The five petals of the bunga raya symbolise the Rukunegara while the color red represents courage.

Bunga raya or red hibiscus flower is found in abundance throughout the country, and for this very reason, was chosen to be the national flower (in 1960) by Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Checking from the, there are probably many combinations (crossbreeds) and could have been resulted with thousands combinations on colors, shapes and form.

The acceptance of this great, colorful flower has enabled formation of a commodity for hobbyists. Some colors, such as blue & black are considered rare but it has began to surface via breeding. It is a common sight to find Hibiscus (Bunga Raya) as popular household gardening plants and along roads and highways in Malaysia.

Do you know that the national flower, bunga raya, is known for its medicinal properties? The roots of the plant are used as a cure for fever and other ailments, while the juice obtained from the leaves and roots is said to be effective in relieving skin eruptions and glandular troubles. Also, the petals were commonly used as cosmetics to darken and highlight women’s eyebrows.

My wife loves flowers. She has planted a hibiscus in the garden and now its flowers are blooming. I took these pictures to compare with the pink and red color hibiscus. I may post some more pictures on hibiscus flowers of different colors for the next posting.


14 responses to “The Beautiful flower-Hibiscus ( Bunga Raya )

  1. I had no idea there were five petaled Hibiscus,Chrisy. Now I must go out and see all the varieties that we have here. Such interesting information you’ve written. You have my curiousity up very high and now I’ll get busy and make more Hibiscus pictures here. Thanks !!

  2. OOOppppss, I just looked at our Hibiscus and,of course, they all have five petals… but your Hibiscus looks different, Chrisy. I guess I was thinking it was much different from ours…The color in yours is beautiful. That’s what I especially like about the Hibiscus – lovely, rich colors. I plan to visit a nursery to view what varieties they have.

  3. Beautiful hibiscus flower picture! I like the second photo.

  4. You came by my blog and commented on my Hibiscus photos. Your hibiscus does grow here, but they seldom look as crisp and fresh as yours. I live right on the coast and the wind here leaves them looking ragged and weak.

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  6. Cool. I hardly ever know the name of the flowers I photograph. And their medicinal qualities? Never. So this was quite enjoyable for me. Appreciate it.

  7. Simple but very graciously beautiful Hibiscus or Bunga Raya as Malaysians call it. Yes, very well taken and the write-up is very interesting as well. Maybe you should search for a blue Hibiscus to photograph. That would be very rare.

  8. Gaye, Quilly, David and Dale Ng,

    Thank you very much of your comments. I am planning to go to the Hibiscus garden to check for any photo opportunities for my next posting.

  9. Beautiful flowers, such colors. Nature’s gift – one of her best.

  10. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful flower found in Malaysia.

    Thank you


  11. thank you so much for your kind comment on my white hibiscus photo. although i like the color white, my favorite hibiscus flowers are the red ones you posted here.

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  14. We have many of this one in Jamaica.This type was my very first experience.

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