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The red and yellow Canna Lily



Canna or Canna lily are one of the most popular garden plants beside orchid and hibiscus. These tropical flowers can be seen during my old days where I was bought up in the village near Ipoh. Many residents like to grow these plants because of it’s beauty and color.

Although Canna or Canna Lily are of the tropics, most cultivars have been developed in temperate climates and are easy to grow in most countries of the world as long as they can enjoy about 6 hours average sunlight during the summer.

The photos were taken at the  Tanah Rata’s park, Cameron Highland recently.The species Canna or Canna Lily has two color, red and yellow. I am not sure if there are any more color of these beautiful species.

 Sometimes, they are also grown as potted plants. Photo taken with Canon 70-200mm F2.8 zoom lense.




The Roses in Rose Valley Cameron Highlands



We visited the Rose Valley,Cameron Highlands in the afternoon. The entrance fee is RM4.00 per person Its main attraction as according to its name is the varieties of roses in this garden . Countless variety of roses of various shades of colors can be found here but some of the flowers appeared to be withering indicating the end of their bloom span. Those fully bloomed ones were fading, their petals showing signs of age with brown and blemished spots even on the leaves.

Nevertheless we were enthralled by the beauty of the roses not to mention the fragrances as we held the soft petals close to our nose. We were excited with the different fragrances of the roses, some smelled stronger than others. The sweet fragrances reminds us of perfumes in our talc and soaps.

We all agreed that the leisure walk among the beautiful and fragrant blooms in the cool climate was really therapeutic for city folks like us.We are grateful that the caretakers of this rose garden have taken good care of this place not to mention its clean washrooms.

We hope to come again but this time maybe in September, the peak of the blooming season when there is also the annual flower parade.

Flowers grown in Cameron Highlands include roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums, fuschia and gladioli. You can buy cheap flowers here at flower nurseries or the market.





All About Hibiscus Flowers

There may be thousands species of hibiscus flowers all over the world.  If you have posted any hibiscus flowers which are different from mine, in term of color, shape and form, I would like to make a link to your hibiscus flower page here.

I would like to gather as many different type of hibiscus flowers. Let me know in the comment. Do have some funs. Thanks!

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The beautiful hibiscus flower 1

Sitting in front of my computer and going through all the beautiful hibiscus flowers, I really don’t know what to write. I don’t know the type of species the hibiscus flower belong to.

This crimson red hibiscus flower with overlaying petals is a beauty of its own. The petals are overlapping so closely you can’t count how many there are. I also notice that it does not have a stamen like the other hibiscus flowers.

Keep viewing of pictures on different species of hibiscus flowers on this following days and I will post more and hope you all like it.

The different species of hibiscus flowers.

I walked into the office of hibiscus garden which is next to the Orchid Garden located at the Lake Garden. Many pictures of hibiscus flowers and landscape of the garden were displayed.

A clerk was there and she explained to me that about 200 species of hibiscus are known to exist, and each species has its own uniqueness. However, all hibiscus flowers share certain features.

I walked around the garden to look for colorful hibiscus flowers and to take photograph. I noticed that there are quite a number of hibiscus flowers of various varieties and of different sizes, shapes and colors.

The hibiscus plants also vary in height, some are tall and some short shrubs. Some grown on the ground while some grown in pots. They are planted with well-planned landscaping to beautify the garden.

I enjoyed the leisure walk along the endless rows and paths of these beautiful blooms. There were some foreign visitors here too, sitting on the bench reading on this fine morning in the serenity of the lush greenery of this garden with the chirping of birds, buzzing busy bees and fluttering butterflies

The color combinations are fabulous. Some have single petals, others double or crested, and some do not open fully. Sizes vary from tiny to 5-6 inches.

I don’t know the names of these beautiful hibiscus flower perhaps we can identify them by colors like red, orange, yellow, white, lavender, and brown as these are the basic colors.

These are some of the hibiscus flowers that I photographed. The pink hibiscus flower is not looking ideal as the only one that I can find. Their sizes are medium about 3-4 inches and I will post more in the next posting.

Photo Series: How To Take Perfect Flower Pictures

I find this video footage by Amy Renfroy Flower photography tutorial about how to take better flower pictures is useful. Have a look if you want to go serious on taking perfect flower pictures.

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#.Taking better flower pictures

May 31, 2008 :

Perhaps, I should take the picture in the morning, not in the hot afternoon. I ask my photographer friends, and some suggested that I should use manual focusing rather set on the auto focusing mode. I should always use macro lens to shoot pictures of flowers.

I also realised the flower shot was not sharp enough and I should have used a tripod. Keep reading Taking better flower pictures

#.Taking perfect flower pictures

June 7, 2008

The morning has a vast difference from the afternoon as I noticed that there are dews on the flowers and this makes the flowers better and fresh looking .But the morning also attracts many tiny insects to the flowers. The bees and butterflies were fluttering around the flowers for the nectar.

Unlike Canon 70-200mm zoom lens, the use of Canon 100mm Macro lens at a closer distance makes it easy for me to spot the insects and thus less mistakes. Bo’s advices made me more careful and I avoid it in the shoot. The result this time is better with less mistakes of insects being seen in the pictures. Keep reading Taking perfect flower pictures

#.The Perfect Flower pictures

June 14, 2008

Flower photography is a great photographic pleasure. Flowers can’t look any better than in color. In my opinion not all flowers are the same, some look like they are easy to be photographed but it may difficult to get all the details.

Choosing the right lens is extremely important. There is the question of Canon 70-200mm zoom vs 100mm macro lens – which lens is better or to buy if you have a limited budget? Keep reading The perfect flower pictures

The flower and the bee

The flower and bee

The flower and the bee

The flower and the bee

This is a full bloom water lily with star-like, pale blue flowers about 15cm wide, and distinctive yellow stamens.

Color and scent are often the driving forces in attracting insects and bees to the garden in search of pollen and nectar. The lotus or water lily blooming in the pond at the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

It was just like the movie The beauty and the beast, they love each other. The flowers need the bees so that they can bring their pollens for cross pollination. The bees visit the flowers to collect pollen and nectar for food for themselves and their young.

The story of this flower and the bee encapsulates the delicate but beautiful balance of nature and the importance of keeping eco-systems intact

These images were taken on Canon 30D mounted with EF 100mm Macro Lens. It cropped and enlarged to the size and lucky it still hold the quality.

The flower and the bee

The flower and the bee

The flower and the bee