A last minute decision trip to MAHA Exhibition goes awry.

It was a trip that I didn’t plan properly and as a result my family and I were unable to get what we wanted. It was the visit to the Malaysian Agricuture, Horticuture and Agrotourism ( MAHA ) Exhibition 2008 in Serdang during the recent school holiday in August.

It was on a saturday morning when my wife suggested to visit the MAHA exhibition when I busy looking through some images in front of my computer. It was decided after the lunch when the idea pop up again on a hot afternoon at 2pm.

I was not familiar with the location so I took a hard time to find the way and reached the venue late. The place was packed and we were prevented from parking at the open car park. I had no choice but to park my car along the main road which took us almost another half hour walk to the entrance of the exhibition. By the time we reached the entrance of the exhibition venue it was almost 4.30pm.

A sudden drizzle and the disorderly crowd waiting for the free shuttle buses made us dash on the next available tram. It took us to its destination, the animal farm instead the flower nursery.

I wanted to take some photograph of the new orchid hybrid and the children wanted to see the rodeo show.

According the newspaper report, the new orchid is a crossbreed of a new specie, with pale yellowish-greenish flowers that slowly turn yellowish-white. It was officially named the Dendrobium Datin Seri Jeanne in honour of the Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah.

The children have only watched rodeo on television and on the big screen, may be this is the perfect time to catch a live one. The Bull Riding —most dangerous sport displays the cowboy’s courage and riding skills against the speed and power of a bull.

At the animal farm, however we missed the rodeo show as it was past the time schedule of the event. We walked around the farms to look at some farm animals like cattle, cow, rabbit, buffalo, goat of different species, I like specially the two years old Jamnapari goat.

It was a disappointed trip that we missed the things that we wanted to see. I should go in the morning as the venue was just too huge and it needs more time to explore . The only consolation was that my wife and children were thrilled sitting on the camel.


7 responses to “A last minute decision trip to MAHA Exhibition goes awry.

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  2. This is very interesting to me, Chrisy, even though it didn’t work out as you’d planned. Perhaps you’ll have to go back to see the rodeo and the flowers…for sure you’ll have to 🙂
    The animal pictures are special and thanks!
    I think I’d like the camel ride too. Your wife is certainly enjoying it 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by Gaye. I really want to go back there but the MAHA exhibition was over after the visit. It was held from Aug 11-23.

    I missed the photograph of this new orchid hybrid flower as it takes almost 14 years of tests and experience to create this species by the Horticulture researchers.

  4. I think it is fine because you have captured some nice photos.

  5. Anyway, all’s well that ends well – you’ve got some very beautiful pictures of the animals there.

  6. Wow! Your last minute visit to MAHA 2008, but u also captured some nice shot there. Next time if u not sure or not familiar with the place, u can just give me a call or send me a mail. Take Care.

  7. Bummer. But next time you will get it all right because you had this experience. So it was not a loss. And these photos are really good. I like the portrait of the goat especially.

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