Growing hibiscus flower


The hibiscus plant can be grown easily, and is found almost anywhere in this country, in public parks, private compounds, pathways or roadsides.

It is also a common home plant. It is grown by cutting and which is simply planted the stem into the soil. It grows quite well in this tropical climate. The year-round rainfall here is good enough to keep it healthy.

It does not require much or fertilizers or care as it is not prone to diseases. However if fertilized it blooms more abundantly and the plant is much healthier with much bigger and greener leaves.

As I strolled in my neighbourhood, I came across this double-flowered hibiscus plant by the road side amongst a row of hibiscus plants. The smaller flower grows above the bigger flower and they share one stigma. Its color and appearance is common except for its double bloom. I wonder if it is a cross-breed or just another specie. It looks different from the Bunga Raya which is planted in our garden.


4 responses to “Growing hibiscus flower

  1. Chrisy,
    These are beautiful of the Hibiscus flowers. I have never seen one like picture #3. I will have to look for that one here in Florida.

  2. Gaye
    Thanks. It is nice to look at all these species of hibiscus flowers growing in Florida

  3. You had captured quite a number of these hibiscus flowers. The third photo is beautiful…

  4. what amazing shots here. Incredible. thanks for commenting on my blog I always love seeing you there.
    I really like the light and everything in the second photo, but the last one just blew me away and it looks as if it’s moving too.

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