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Qing Ming and Tomb Sweeping




Traditionally the Qing Ming  falls on the first week of April and Chinese will go back to attend this Tomb Sweeping Day every year.

The Chinese elderly parents will want the qing ming or  tomb sweeping Day to give an opportunity for the younger generations to meet and learn to respect the ancestors of this traditional culture.

Three months ago, the permission to remodify the tombs of my ancestors  was granted after consultation with a medium. An auspicious day was chosen and all family members are required to attend the ceremony.  

It was for a good  reason that  when  family members  come back to  pay their respects during the qing ming festival, the tombs being restored would prove that the dead are not forgotten by their filial descendants.

Under the medium’s guidance  the ceremony started with the digging of the graves to collect the ancestors bones with much care every tiny piece of bones and the skull of the dead were unearthed and placed into an urn arranged according to position and reburied into the same graves.

Another date was set for all members of the family to attend to witness the new tombs with the medium performing a ceremonial ritual..

Now the qing ming festival is near and all our family members have decided to return to our home near Ipoh on this coming Sunday and we will gather again. Our deceased grandmother’s soul would be pleased to have the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered at the new tombs -rebuild after almost 50 years.

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Shepard Fairey Sues AP Over Obama Poster Dispute!

Fairey says the Associated Press image at left, by Mannie Garcia, was the basis for his Obama poster illustration, but that its use falls under the Fair Use Provision.

Fairey says the Associated Press image at left, by Mannie Garcia, was the basis for his Obama poster illustration, but that its use falls under the Fair Use Provision.

Now Shepard Fairey wants to sue AP Over Obama Poster Dispute.

Shortly after the AP accused Shephard Fairey, the artist behind the famous Obama poster, of infringing copyright, Fairey struck back, filed the suit February 9 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York.

The new development caught many a surprise and it’s interesting to read. and I would like to post some of the  comments from PDN here.

Joel – Los Angeles / February 12, 2009
Fairey is a vandal, a tagger, and a thief, and IMHO an infringer. Fairey was arrested a few days ago, yet again, for tagging in Boston. Fairey has boasted that he’s been arrested “over 14 times” for tagging and other vandalism, much of it involving stenciling or posting his own “art” on private and public property. In addition to other arrests. Fairey knew that he could have used any of thousands of photos in the public domain, including those offered on Hussein Obama’s own website. Many are indistinguishable from the infringed (cropped) AP image. Perhaps Fairey is incapable of grasping the concept of honesty, or respecting other people’s rights. Fairey is, though, a pretty accomplished hypocrite. Having created his posters through infringement, he has already threatened people who were trying to sell derivative copies of the poster on their own.


Posted by: B Finger | February 05, 2009 at 02:41 PM

I think Fairey has a pretty strong case for “fair use” here. His art work uses and is in part a commentary about popular culture and popular cultural imagery. It was originally produced to be “street art” where profit was not the original motive. It was only when Obama supporters discovered a posting of the artwork (posted by Fairey as a freebie in support of Obama, I believe) on the internet and printed out copies for themselves, did it take off as a popular image. Even though his painting and subsequent posters were based upon the AP photo it could never be mistaken for it and would never be in competition with it in the market place.


Posted by: David | February 12, 2009 at 01:21 PM

Regarding Carl’s lengthy February 10 attempt at analyzing copyright law, “I find the Fairey case fascinating, as I have studied copyright law quite a bit.” Please, Carl, remember the old adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I am a copyright attorney in Chicago and former photographer. Let me first comment that you appear to be mixing the legal definition of “original” as used in copyright law and as used in an artistic sense. It’s easy to do, but it makes your argument confusing. Continue reading comments of Carl and David about the lawsuit from PDN

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“Hope” Obama poster-Does the AP have a case? Infringement or fair use?


This ” HOPE” poster of Barack Obama was used to campaign and became very popular during the last year’s U.S presidential election. The poster was created by artist Shepard Fairey and the photo was taken by the Associate Press photographer Mannie Garcia.

Now the AP is claiming the copyright from the author because the created poster was based on AP’s photo and entitled for compensation according the PDN reports.

The accused, Shepard Fairey, claims fair use through his attorney. But AP is claiming infringement. Mannie Garcia who shot the image doesn’t want to fight Shepard Fairey over the Obama poster.

The interesting thing is who has the right over the copyright of the photo? The photo was taken on 2006 by Mannie Garcia but the photographer now is no longer with the AP. Garcia also questions whether the AP even owns the copyright to the photo. He says that he was not on the AP staff at the time the photo was taken, and never signed the AP’s freelancer agreement.

What do you say. Does the AP have a case? Infringement or fair use?

Is this Little Talking Common Mynah Bird a pet or nuisance?


This little bird is Common Mynah which can be seen everywhere in the city, rural villages and even housing estates. They are often found in front of houses, in gardens, on tree tops, roof tops or on fences.

People like to keep this little talking Common Mynah birds as pets as they can mimic human speech. The farmers love them because they eat insects that destroy crop plants.

Many people especially while driving may find them a nuisance as they fly and hop around these places or along the road sides looking out for any food littered on the ground.They also feed on insects

I saw this little talking Mynah bird while we were pinicking at the Lake Gardens recently. It was busy searching for food all over the park, in the dustbins and on the ground.

Is this little Common Mynah bird a pet or nuisance?






Goodbye 2008 Welcome 2009


Today is the New Year’s Eve and in a few more hours  thousands of people will flock to Dataran Merdeka, Bukit Bintang area, Mid Valley Megamall, Suria KLCC, The Mines and Sunway Pyramid. Most of the people want to celebrate together with their family members, loved ones and friends.

AS the year 2008 comes to a close and most people in the city look forward to the year ahead and start to welcome the year 2009.

Police has warned the revelers not to repeat the mayhem which happened during the Christmas Eve’s celebration. And don’t spend the New Year in the police lock-up.

The Christmas Eve’s celebration on Wednesday was just over few day ago. However part of the crowd turned rowdy and this result The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) hit out at irresponsible revellers who littered Jalan Sultan Ismail in Bukit Bintang areas

At Gurney Drive revelers indiscriminately sprayed foam at passing vehicles, some even kicked or stomped on cars. Two students were reported to have remanded on obstruction police.

To my shocking I read a report in the newspapers that there will be a mega sex party on New Year’s Eve that is scheduled to be held in Johor Baru . Under-wear off – that is one of the conditions for guys and the girls must wear only G-string panties and be prepared to take them off after midnight to usher in the new year.

Is this becoming our Malaysian way of celebrating a joyful occasion in this coming New Year. Will the people accept this kind of festive celebration?

Goodbye 2008 Welcome 2009! Here I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.

Happy New Year.


Flash back the 2008 countdown………When the tower clock at Dataran Merdeka struck 12midnight , showers of colorful fire works display flashed immediately lighting up the night sky. The crowd of revellers started cheering each other and welcome the year 2008.

All About Hibiscus Flowers

There may be thousands species of hibiscus flowers all over the world.  If you have posted any hibiscus flowers which are different from mine, in term of color, shape and form, I would like to make a link to your hibiscus flower page here.

I would like to gather as many different type of hibiscus flowers. Let me know in the comment. Do have some funs. Thanks!

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Changing Malaysia Photography Exhibition

“We love Malaysia”, Penang
photo by TAN MIN YEE, Selangor

A photography exhibition themedChanging Malaysia,” was held in conjunction with the 51st National Day celebrations will be closing in few days until Sept 7. The exhibition presented by The Star and Petronas.

Many have visited the “Changing Malaysia” photography exhibition which was reported in The Star. Among them were Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin and his wife Erra Fazira, Malaysian Official Designers Association (Moda) president Gillian Hung and eight beauty queens also took the time to drop by at the exhibition.Hans Oksenholt and the two Ng brothers Sam, and James were also at 1 Utama shopping complex, the venue for the exhibition.

It features 160 shots by The Star photographers, reflecting changes seen in various aspects of daily life that make Malaysia what it is today. And also there are 32 photos from the “Malaysia@50: A Day in the life of Malaysia” displayed in this photography exhibition. These are some of the winning photos for Malaysia@50 contest. Copyright The Star

“Paddling upstream”, Sarikei
Photo by SOON LEE GUAN, Sarawak

“Kek Lok Si”, Penang

“Children at play”, Bachok, Kelantan
Photo by TAN LIAN HOCK, Penang

“Happy childhood”, Sibu, Sarawak
Photo by HII TIONG KOK, Sarawak