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A story of BOH Tea at Sungei Palas Garden



If you want to enjoy the cool weather and fresh air – 5000ft above sea level highland for a holiday, I would recommend  the Cameron Highlands. Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and also don’t forget to go to the BOH plantations.

BOH Plantations owns four tea gardens with a total planted area of 1,200 hectares: Boh, Fairlie and Sungei Palas in Cameron Highlands, and Bukit Cheeding in the lowlands.

I always like to go to the Boh Tea garden at Ringlet whenever I am on holiday in Cameron Highlands. This time I choose to visit this Sungei Palas Garden.

After touring Cactus Point and Rose Garden in Brinchang it was almost afternoon, we took the road which is nearby Brinchang and proceeded to the BOH SUNGEI PALAS GARDEN.

The road is very narrow so we can’t stop along the way for photography. I don’t have many photos on this plantation and also I missed some photo opportunity when the workers were working, plucking tea leaves in the morning.

We reached and parked our cars near to a primary school and walked along a small path toward the tea centre. A tea sommelier led us to a small room for a video presentation on the tea plantation and explained the intricacies of tea tasting. 

In 1929, a man named J.A Russell obtained a tract of freehold land and transformed it into the first highland tea garden in Malaysia. He named it Boh. So begins the history of BOH Plantations.

Generally the process of tea is 1. Plucking 2. Withering 3. Rolling 4. Fermentation 5. Drying 6. Tea tasting 7. Storage .

Later we ordered a cup of Boh tea in the Tea centre and enjoying our cuppa while overlooking the valley.

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Are we still getting cool and fresh air in Cameron Highlands?





My good friend Tony and his wife Erin called to invite us for a holiday. We chose to go to Cameron Highlands to enjoy the cool climate and fresh air of the highlands

 Cameron Highlands is a highland region located about 300 km north of my home in Subang Jaya. It is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of a typical English colonial home

We took a slow leisure drive, dropping by at Bidor for lunch to savour the famous herbal roast duck soup noodle. We used the new entrance Simpang Pulai and drove up as high as 1500 metres above sea-level reaching one of the peaks of the main range of Peninsular Malaysia, High above here on the highlands the temperature plunged as low as 16 ˚C.

So many things have changed compared to thirty years ago when I first visited this holiday resort after I left school. During that time, there were not many houses, hotels and apartments and even then there were not so many vegetable farms and gardens. It was just a forest with trees and plants. Nowadays there are too much land clearings for new development around the towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Many have complained that the weather was affected and it was not so cold like in the earliest days

We stayed three days and 2 night at a holiday apartment,. Everywhere we walked we can see flowers and they are bigger and color rich. There were too many key attracting places to look around but we just visited some in Cameron Highlands including, strawberry farms, rose gardens and vegetable gardens, Cactus Point, and the Boh Tea Plantation.

At the Boh Sungai Palas Tea Centre, we order a cup of tea, sitting and chatting. The teahouse which was overlooking the valley while sipping a cup hot freshly brewed tea was truely relaxing

More pictures to come in my next posting and stay tune!





A visit to Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

I visited the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden which is located in the Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur. It is just in front of the Bird Park.

I walked leisurely around the garden to look and admire the beautiful exotic orchids of various species in the garden.

In the Orchid Garden there are water fountains, a lotus pond and an Orchid Shop. The shop provides lots of choices of orchids for orchid enthusiasts. I found the prices reasonable. You should visit the shop (located inside the garden) if you visit this place…

Trees surround the garden which is on higher ground and this makes the scene here more beautiful with Kuala Lumpur city at the backdrop. Many tourists were taking photos here which is behind the Petronas Twin Towers and Menara Kuala Lumpur. Some visitors were reading books under the shelter and it was really relaxing.

Kuala Lumpur orchid garden opens everyday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. On public holiday and weekend, there is an entrance fee. The current fees is RM1.00/person (applicable for 12 Years old and above ).For weekdays, there are no entrance free

I regretted not coming in the morning as the afternoon sun was hot in the midday. All at a sudden threatening black clouds darkened the sky. It was going to rain so I took some of these photos quickly. I intend to come again more prepared for the next visit.

Bangkok Tour Archived

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2007/12/23 The Floating Market- Damnoen Saduak

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2008/01/12 Kanchanaburi – Bridge on the River Kwai

2008/01/19 Kanchanaburi – The War Museum

2008/01/26 Kanchanaburi – War Cemeteries

2008/02/02 Kanchanaburi – Waterfalls and Elephants Ride

Kanchanaburi – Waterfalls and Elephants Ride

Finally we come to an end of our kanchanaburi trip. The five days holiday trip in Bangkok Thailand has given me food for thought about their tourism and no wonder it is called a paradise for holiday makers. Perhaps I have to come again next time as there were so many beautiful spots that I haven’t explored in this trip.

Don’t forget to visit Kanchanaburi as it offers stunning natural beauty like caves, spectacular waterfalls and parks as well as adventure tours including its famous elephant treks through the famous River Kwai.



My wife and son went on an elephant ride. They were sitting on an elephant. The weather was hot and sweaty. At first they didn’t really like it (scared) but later on they felt comfortably safe and enjoyed the bumpy but adventourous ride. We also went for an elephant show where two tribes riding on elephants fought each other in the ‘battle ground’.

Later the van driver took us to a waterfall nearby. Kanchanaburi Province has seven major waterfalls. We had almost one hour to spend at the Erawan waterfall while waiting for another van to take us for lunch. The waterfall landscape is among one of the most beautiful places in the province and in the shade of the trees, temperatures are comfortable!

We found a place to sit down in the surrounding of the waterfall and enjoyed the natural beauty whilst listening to the water falling and watching tourists take a quick cooling dip in the water. It’s a thrilling sensation to be walking all over this lovely waterfall. Many tourists were taking photos here.

These are some photos I took at the waterfall.






Kanchanaburi – War Cemeteries









We visited the Kanchanaburi – War Cemetery, the resting place of thousands of POW’s who were forced into labour camps while constructing the Death Railway and Bridge On The River Kwai.

In Kanchanaburi town, there are two beautifully neatly maintained cemeteries. Both cemeteries are surrounded by beautiful gardens, well taken care by local volunteers. Flowers are often seen left on the graves by loved ones from all over the world.

We came to the cemetery in the heart of the town where they buried almost 7,000 POW’s who lost their lives in the hands of the Japanese Army, following their invasion of Thailand during World War II, when British, Dutch, Australian and American prisoners were brought to Thailand from Singapore.

A plaque reads

1939 – 1945

The Land on which this cemetery stands is the gift of the Thai people for the perpetual resting place of the sailors soldiers and airmen who are honoured here.

Chong War Cemetery

We have no time to visit The Chong Kai Cemetery, on the banks of the River Kwai. It is smaller and it buried almost 2,000 POW’s

The cemetery can be reached by boats, available at the pier in front of the town gate and also from the Bridge.

Kanchanaburi – The War Museum

The JEATH War Museum is on the bank of the River, inside Wat Chai Chumphon temple. JEATH stands for Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland, representing the nationalities of the prisoners of war (POW’s) who were forced to work on the construction of the famous “Bridge On The River Kwai“.

This tribute was established to show actual items that were connected with the construction of the Death Railway by POW’s between 1942-1943.

The museum displays some exhibits of the terrible conditions inflicted on the many young men that died and the many that survived to tell the story. An estimated 16,000 war prisoners and over 100,000 local labourers died .