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Qing Ming and Tomb Sweeping




Traditionally the Qing Ming  falls on the first week of April and Chinese will go back to attend this Tomb Sweeping Day every year.

The Chinese elderly parents will want the qing ming or  tomb sweeping Day to give an opportunity for the younger generations to meet and learn to respect the ancestors of this traditional culture.

Three months ago, the permission to remodify the tombs of my ancestors  was granted after consultation with a medium. An auspicious day was chosen and all family members are required to attend the ceremony.  

It was for a good  reason that  when  family members  come back to  pay their respects during the qing ming festival, the tombs being restored would prove that the dead are not forgotten by their filial descendants.

Under the medium’s guidance  the ceremony started with the digging of the graves to collect the ancestors bones with much care every tiny piece of bones and the skull of the dead were unearthed and placed into an urn arranged according to position and reburied into the same graves.

Another date was set for all members of the family to attend to witness the new tombs with the medium performing a ceremonial ritual..

Now the qing ming festival is near and all our family members have decided to return to our home near Ipoh on this coming Sunday and we will gather again. Our deceased grandmother’s soul would be pleased to have the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered at the new tombs -rebuild after almost 50 years.

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Enter the Year of Golden Ox


The Year of the Ox brings economic uncertainties to Malaysian folks here. Local newspapers has reported more about the closing down of factories and retrenchment of workers.

Despite the global economic slowdown, shopping malls in Klang Valley are putting up  activities to attract crowds for this festive Chinese New Year.

I took my family to the Pavilion at Bkt Bintang Kuala Lumpur. We chose to visit this place as  the Chinese New Year Open House will be held here on Feb 7. As today is the start of celebration the first anniversary of Pavilion, the place would be hive of attraction.

A life-sized Golden Ox displayed at the entrance of the mall draws curious shoppers to have a closer look.  Many took the opportunity for a photo shoot posing next to it .

Those born in the Year of the Ox are said to be hard working and persevering. But to the businessman, the year of  Ox will bring them good business and prosperity.

As we walked around the mall we hardly see any crowd perhaps many are still on the long holiday and have taken the opportunity to go outstation. Those  here are mostly window shopping as we realise the times are bad and everyone wants to control their spending.

Nevertheless the mall is still in the festive mood for the Chinese new year as many shops are well-decorated with red and colorful lanterns, flowers and plants

Pavilion has passionately designed for the love of food especially the public food court with many local cuisines. It is the only place that is crowded with many city folks, Malay, Chinese, Indian and tourists enjoying their favourite food. We ordered three bowls of curry noodle which cost RM24.00

I hope the Golden Ox will bring all the happinese and smiles to our folks here.




The Year of Ox, Gong Xi Fa Cai



As we bid farewell to year of the rat we usher in the year of the OX which starts from the first day that is 26th of January.  It is the most auspicious day in the Chinese calendar .This “Gong xi Fa Cai” celebration traditionally lasts 15 days

Many Chinese will return home or Balik Kampong to meet together with their family members and most importantly to be home in time for a family reunion dinner on the eve of the chinese new year.

With the economic slow down, many are not sure if it will be really happy New Year. Children will run around happily with bright red packets of lai see, lucky money . Working adults should have no worries if they continue to receive the year-end bonus and in some cases bonuses,represent two or three months’pay.

Anyway I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year and let this Chinese new year of Ox be a start to all things wonderful. May you all enjoy good health and a prosperous year. Do have a nice holiday.

Gong xi Fa Cai,Kong Hei Fatt Choy and a Happy New Year

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Goodbye 2008 Welcome 2009


Today is the New Year’s Eve and in a few more hours  thousands of people will flock to Dataran Merdeka, Bukit Bintang area, Mid Valley Megamall, Suria KLCC, The Mines and Sunway Pyramid. Most of the people want to celebrate together with their family members, loved ones and friends.

AS the year 2008 comes to a close and most people in the city look forward to the year ahead and start to welcome the year 2009.

Police has warned the revelers not to repeat the mayhem which happened during the Christmas Eve’s celebration. And don’t spend the New Year in the police lock-up.

The Christmas Eve’s celebration on Wednesday was just over few day ago. However part of the crowd turned rowdy and this result The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) hit out at irresponsible revellers who littered Jalan Sultan Ismail in Bukit Bintang areas

At Gurney Drive revelers indiscriminately sprayed foam at passing vehicles, some even kicked or stomped on cars. Two students were reported to have remanded on obstruction police.

To my shocking I read a report in the newspapers that there will be a mega sex party on New Year’s Eve that is scheduled to be held in Johor Baru . Under-wear off – that is one of the conditions for guys and the girls must wear only G-string panties and be prepared to take them off after midnight to usher in the new year.

Is this becoming our Malaysian way of celebrating a joyful occasion in this coming New Year. Will the people accept this kind of festive celebration?

Goodbye 2008 Welcome 2009! Here I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.

Happy New Year.


Flash back the 2008 countdown………When the tower clock at Dataran Merdeka struck 12midnight , showers of colorful fire works display flashed immediately lighting up the night sky. The crowd of revellers started cheering each other and welcome the year 2008.

Merry Christmas



I love these colorful photos as they are attractive, and I would like to call them Jack. Just the way I want to say a word of Thank you to all those who follow this blog.

May Santa Claus bring you and your family joy, peace and good health. I hope everyone are enjoying the holiday.

Merry Christmas

My first Christmas greetings!


CHRISTMAS is a joyful time for family and friends to get together. The shopping malls, hotels and of course homes of Christians are decked with Christmas trees and decorations.

Everyone are sending greeting to their family members, love one and friends. This year I would like to mention the first Christmas greeting I received. The first Christmas greeting was through email from Koh Su Chun, former Associated editor,The Star. He send me the first greeting, very early is because he and his wife wanted to attend their daughter Jun’s graduation in Australia.Congratulations!

The first e-card Christmas greeting is from my brother in law Andrew Tan who is living in Canada with his family. The first SMS Christmas greeting is my friend Erin Ng who went with my family for a holiday in Cameron Highland recently. And finally my first phone call on Christmas greeting is Dale Ng. I really forget to mention my blogfriend Dinesh, he is the first one to send me  Christmas greeting through Visuallens. There is no more physical greeting cards like old days.

I would like to say a word of thank you to these special friends Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May Santa bring you joy, peace and good health. I hope everyone are enjoying the holiday.

To others, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing all my muslim friends a happy new year. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Today October 1st, 2008 is the 1st day of Hari Raya

Prime Ministar in his Hari Raya speech: Aidilfitri is a month to forgive and strengthen ties, as such Malaysian should foster and strengthen national unity.

Malaysians should continue to uphold the true Malaysian spirit of mutual respect, and we should continue the efforts to maintain a harmonious, progressive and peaceful society.

After one month of Ramadhan, many muslims from other states  have returned to their hometowns to celebrate this festive season, but there are quite a number to start their Hari Raya celebration here to avoid balik kampung rush and jam.

To my friends Azhar Mahfof and Kamal, the two photographers who just got married last year which I attended their weddings have a different thought. Kamal wants to stay here with his wife to celebrate his 1st Hari Raya in Klang whereas Azhar mahfof wants balik kampung, to go back with his wife Yulia and their one month old son to celebrate with his parents in Johor.

Selamat Hari Raya and greeting to all.