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The red and yellow Canna Lily



Canna or Canna lily are one of the most popular garden plants beside orchid and hibiscus. These tropical flowers can be seen during my old days where I was bought up in the village near Ipoh. Many residents like to grow these plants because of it’s beauty and color.

Although Canna or Canna Lily are of the tropics, most cultivars have been developed in temperate climates and are easy to grow in most countries of the world as long as they can enjoy about 6 hours average sunlight during the summer.

The photos were taken at the  Tanah Rata’s park, Cameron Highland recently.The species Canna or Canna Lily has two color, red and yellow. I am not sure if there are any more color of these beautiful species.

 Sometimes, they are also grown as potted plants. Photo taken with Canon 70-200mm F2.8 zoom lense.




Is this another species of hibiscus flower ?



These are some pictures I took in the Hibiscus Garden. I kept them in my computer for quite sometime and I am not 100% sure if these flowers belong to any of the hibiscus species. It looks different from the previous flower pictures that I posted

The hibiscus plants in the Hibiscus Garden are planted with well-planned landscaping to beautify the garden. I noticed that there are quite a number of hibiscus flowers of various varieties and of different sizes, shapes and colors.

This particular flowering plant is seen creeping on the wood frames just in front of the office, and the little flowers grow closely together in clusters to form a drooping garland. When I looked carefully, the flower has five petals, a stigma just like a hibiscus flower, the only difference is that it is smaller in size. The colorful flower is a combination of yellowish-orange and red.

I hope I am right as these flower pictures were photographed in the compound from the Hibiscus Garden.

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The Roses in Rose Valley Cameron Highlands



We visited the Rose Valley,Cameron Highlands in the afternoon. The entrance fee is RM4.00 per person Its main attraction as according to its name is the varieties of roses in this garden . Countless variety of roses of various shades of colors can be found here but some of the flowers appeared to be withering indicating the end of their bloom span. Those fully bloomed ones were fading, their petals showing signs of age with brown and blemished spots even on the leaves.

Nevertheless we were enthralled by the beauty of the roses not to mention the fragrances as we held the soft petals close to our nose. We were excited with the different fragrances of the roses, some smelled stronger than others. The sweet fragrances reminds us of perfumes in our talc and soaps.

We all agreed that the leisure walk among the beautiful and fragrant blooms in the cool climate was really therapeutic for city folks like us.We are grateful that the caretakers of this rose garden have taken good care of this place not to mention its clean washrooms.

We hope to come again but this time maybe in September, the peak of the blooming season when there is also the annual flower parade.

Flowers grown in Cameron Highlands include roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums, fuschia and gladioli. You can buy cheap flowers here at flower nurseries or the market.





Cactus Point and all the cactus you like




Back to my Cameron Highlands tour…..The night was cool and the air was fresh. We were undecided of the plans for the next day. Eventually, Tony and Erin decided to have a morning walk at 6am while I made up my mind to go for an early photography shoot before our morning breakfast at 8.30am

My family and I over slept being lazy to get up from the warm bed. Tony and wife managed to wake up earlier to keep up with their planned morning walk

The apartment we stayed in Vijay Dahlia, is owned and managed by the famous Hollywood James Bond star, Micheal Yeoh’s family. There was no outward beautiful attraction in the apartment but the cool weather and the natural beautiful green surrounding made up for it.

We had our breakfast at a small foodstall in Binchang. We all had hot spicy curry noodles and hot coffee to warm ourselves in the cold morning .

Cactus Point was the first place we visited during our Cameron Highlands holiday It is situated within Binchang. The entrance is free. The Cactus Point and Cactus Valley are the two most popular spots if you want to see the most variety of cactus plants.

As you enter Cactus Point, you would notice that its main attraction is in the center where all the various cactus plants are placed prominently. On the left is a section for all the popular flowers and on the right a small section of strawberry. All of them are for sale, including the miniature cacti as souvenirs. They are easy to care for.

Cacti, cultivated by people worldwide, are a familiar sight as potted plants, houseplants or in ornamental gardens in warmer climates.

Do you know Cacti are commonly used for fencing material where there is a lack of either natural resources or financial means to construct a permanent fence. This is often seen in warm climates, such as Kenya. This is known as a cactus fence and it was reported in the Wikipedia..

Cactus fences are often used by homeowners and landscape architects for home security purposes. The sharp thorns of the cactus deter unauthorized persons from entering private properties, and may prevent break-ins if planted under windows and near drainpipes.





The Colorful little Bird Bathing In My Garden



I have been observing this colorful little bird for quite some time. It has been coming to my garden every morning. The visits have been consistent, perhaps it likes the many insects that are found in my garden. The abundance of hibiscus flowers with the rich nectar could also be attracting it.

I wanted to capture this colorful little bird with my camera. As it does not keep still for long, flying away and back again, I had to think of a way to make it stay longer.

Watering my garden plants till they are thoroughly wet did the trick.I took out my Canon 30D camera and fixed with a 70-200mm zoom lense and I had to hide at a corner and wait for her appearance.

When I hear the familiar chirping and chirping and I know that the colorful little bird has come. The chirping may be talking or singing to her fellow friends of her own kind.

Instantly I knew where this little bird is but it noticed me and flew away. It came back again and went to my hibiscus plant which is out of my focus.

At last it landed on my bonsai plant as the leaves were drenched with water. It seemed to be enjoying itself rubbing its tiny body against the moist leaves…

I quickly pointed the camera and click on the shuttles. Clicking all the way along where she is stretching her wings and body. I tried to get a closer shot but it was sensitive to my presence so it flew away.

I am very sure this little bird will return as usual the next morning and I will have the opportunity to capture more photos of it.



All About Hibiscus Flowers

There may be thousands species of hibiscus flowers all over the world.  If you have posted any hibiscus flowers which are different from mine, in term of color, shape and form, I would like to make a link to your hibiscus flower page here.

I would like to gather as many different type of hibiscus flowers. Let me know in the comment. Do have some funs. Thanks!

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Growing hibiscus flower


The hibiscus plant can be grown easily, and is found almost anywhere in this country, in public parks, private compounds, pathways or roadsides.

It is also a common home plant. It is grown by cutting and which is simply planted the stem into the soil. It grows quite well in this tropical climate. The year-round rainfall here is good enough to keep it healthy.

It does not require much or fertilizers or care as it is not prone to diseases. However if fertilized it blooms more abundantly and the plant is much healthier with much bigger and greener leaves.

As I strolled in my neighbourhood, I came across this double-flowered hibiscus plant by the road side amongst a row of hibiscus plants. The smaller flower grows above the bigger flower and they share one stigma. Its color and appearance is common except for its double bloom. I wonder if it is a cross-breed or just another specie. It looks different from the Bunga Raya which is planted in our garden.