Taking better flower pictures

Frankly speaking, I seldom photograph flowers and so I won’t consider myself as an expert on flower photoghraphy. The best I can do is figure out how to get the best shot.

I shot these orchid flowers with my Canon 30D camera fixed with a 70-200 zoom lens.

Perhaps, I should take the picture in the morning, not in the hot afternoon. I ask my photographer friends, and some suggested that I should use manual focusing rather set on the auto focusing mode. I should always use macro lens to shoot pictures of flowers.

I also realised the flower shot was not sharp enough and I should have used a tripod.

I have to concentrate on what I see in the viewfinder, and recompose the picture until it looks the best. And don’t forget to try vertical framing, as well as horizontal.

Examine the fascinating textures and geometries of leaves, seed pods and fallen petals.

It’s also important to know the control of depth of fields in your camera.

I don’t have all the answers to good picture shots of flowers. You have to select to photograph the most blossom flower in a plant with the best combination of form, color, lighting and background.

For those who are interested in flower photography, visit the following blogs to view yourself. It may give you some tips in taking better flower pictures.

#. BKF Photography

#. Mike Moats nature photography

# Photo Buffet

# The way I see it

# The Seeded Earth


12 responses to “Taking better flower pictures

    It’s so great that you get to travel around the world and take some extraordinary pictures like that. I’m just at the beginning with the handling of a photocamera. I went in short trips around my home and take some pictures. It’s so great, it’s a great feeling to take picture, but you know already that… If you have time visit my blog and give me a pice of advice… Tks a lot for your time.

  2. Very nice. I haven’t learned about a lot of those things you mention either. It is on my “to do” list however sometime before I reach age 70.
    I really like the top flower and don’t think I have seen it before. The others look very familiar. Lots of orchids are apparently grown around the world. Good work.

  3. Andrei-Daniel lefter and Davidlind

    Thank you very much of you kind words. It encourages me to take more pictures on flowers

  4. Nice photos. Thank you for sharing views on taking better flower pictures, I will remember it.
    I like the first photo also.

  5. I love flower photos. I’m kind of a point and shoot with my digital camera. Maybe when I do get a DSLR one day, I can try your tips.

  6. Thank you for including my photoblog in your list. I appreciate it. Closeup photography is my passion, and I agree with you–morning is the best time of all. The light is diffused, and everything appears softer, with less glare. Late in the day is also nice, because the light has more of a golden glow.

    Your flower photos are beautiful! I’m finding that some of my favorite shots are from my own backyard. This time of year is a photographer’s dream, as your photos show. (*I especially like your second shot…what are those flowers? Love the speckles on the blossoms!)

  7. Thanks for mentioning Seeded Earth on yur post. Boy, I sure don’t have all the answers. I take lots of photos, bracketing the same shots, and sometimes I get lucky. 🙂 Also early morning and after 5pm are prime photo times.
    The thing I can never get used to – I never see the tiny dings on the flowers or unwanted bits and bugs until it’s on a 20 inch computer screen. I lose a lot of shots because of that. Groan!! So I’d tell everyone to slow down and look carefully at what you are about to photograph.
    Thanks again, Bo

    And I think your orchids turned out pretty great. I did my first flower photos this winter using orchids in an indoor conservatory – when it was minus 20 degrees outside…

  8. Photo Buffet and Bo,
    Thank you so much of your advices.They are of great value to those who want to advance in serious photography on better flower pictures. I really appreciate your advices as I respect your photography in this field where I see so many good flower pictures taken in your blogs.
    Your favourable comments are a lot of encouragement for me.
    Bonnie Bruno, I know only these are orchid flowers but don’t know the name of everyone as there are so many species of orchid flowers.

  9. Thanks for the plug, your flowers are beautiful, your thoughts about the tripod are correct I never shoot flowers without one.

    Also you might try a extension tube on the 70-200 you will be surprised with the results, very nice work !!

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