The Year of Ox, Gong Xi Fa Cai



As we bid farewell to year of the rat we usher in the year of the OX which starts from the first day that is 26th of January.  It is the most auspicious day in the Chinese calendar .This “Gong xi Fa Cai” celebration traditionally lasts 15 days

Many Chinese will return home or Balik Kampong to meet together with their family members and most importantly to be home in time for a family reunion dinner on the eve of the chinese new year.

With the economic slow down, many are not sure if it will be really happy New Year. Children will run around happily with bright red packets of lai see, lucky money . Working adults should have no worries if they continue to receive the year-end bonus and in some cases bonuses,represent two or three months’pay.

Anyway I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year and let this Chinese new year of Ox be a start to all things wonderful. May you all enjoy good health and a prosperous year. Do have a nice holiday.

Gong xi Fa Cai,Kong Hei Fatt Choy and a Happy New Year

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9 responses to “The Year of Ox, Gong Xi Fa Cai

  1. I also wish you a happy new year. While we celebrate let us do our little bit to help a lady.

    Let us ask help for this lady so that she can also dream her dreams.

    Seeking your prayer for someone in real need of it.

    Hope she can soon sing nursery rhymes to her kids.

  2. Sad to know her suffering and you will have my prayers for her and her family.

  3. Top photo has such lovely colors, and lovely blue sky.
    I too wich a happy new year to those who now celebrate the comming year of the Oxe. May it be a good one.

  4. You captured very well the image of the Ox that signifies this year in the Chinese calendar. Best wishes to all those celebrating this New Year of the Ox.

    Also, my thoughts and prayers are with Vivian and her family as they go through their ordeal. May she have a miraculous recovery. Vivian is only 34 and she is in the prime of life. May she pull through this ordeal.

  5. Nice snaps. Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. Dear all,
    Just return from my home town and thanks for the greeting and I do wish you all a happy new year..Gong xi Fa Cai

    Dale-Don’t forget to include a prayer for Vivian of her recovery.

  7. Very nice. Thank you and best wishes for the new year. Often things turn out quite differently than we may expect.

  8. Beautiful images and color, Happy New year to you as well, hope it brings you much happiness !!!

  9. Nice photos, and a happy new year to you too!

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