Federer and Nadal confident tennis is free of match-fixing

Reuters reported World number two Rafael Nadal joined Roger Federer on Wednesday in playing down the threat posed by match-fixing, saying tennis was 100% clean.

The men’s game has been hit by a series of allegations about match-fixing in recent months, with a number of players saying they had been offered money to throw matches. They all said they had rebuffed the offers.

When asked if he thought the issue had been blown out of proportion, Rafael Nadal said: “Totally agree. I’m sure everything is 100% clean.”

His thoughts echoed those of world number one Roger Federer, who said after winning the Masters Cup in Shanghai on Sunday: “It’s a great sport. It’s a clean sport and I hope that in the future it’s going to stay this way.” Click here for more.

Glenn Guan send me some photos of the world top tennis players who are in the Malaysian capital for a series of exhibition matches. His action photography are always sparkling me to share over here.





World number one tennis player Roger Federer of Switzerland




World number two tennis player Rafael Nadal of Spain


Pete Sampras of United States
Photos By Glenn Guan / The Star


2 responses to “Federer and Nadal confident tennis is free of match-fixing

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  2. Today is the big match between Nadal and Federer. I wish I were there to snap some pictures…but I’ll be watching with great interest.
    Your blog is super! I”m just learning how to blog so will gradually get the ‘hang of it’… If there are others as good as yours I’ll be delighted.
    Thanks, Gaye

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