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The landscape of sunrise and sunset in Japan

These are some pictures which I took four years ago when I was in Japan on a visiting tour. The landscape photos, sunrise and sunset, lighting and shadow were taken somewhere in a tourist spots where I was on the ways to visit Mt Fuji.

Photo by Chrisy



Landscape Photography: Tips To Enhance The Experience
By: Albreht Moy

One of the great things about landscape photography is that the possibility is endless on where you can go, what to take a picture of and it all starts with a few steps from your own back door. The horizon is your limit.

Lighting speaks volumes in landscape photography. Getting up with the sun at dawn, watching the animals hurry around as they gather their food for the day, and while the sun is just peaking its face over the background would make for great photo with perfect light. When the sun is on its way down, this is great for a landscape picture of peace and serenity. This time of day is when animals and people are heading home for the night where the land is clear of “clutter” and the trees, skies and land are open. Shadows will add depth to any photo of the landscape and give it more of a three-dimensional feel to it.


Landscape photography should be relaxing and fun to do. It also requires some time to get the precise composition. When a camera is slightly shifted one way or another, you can see how it will dramatically improve the picture you are looking to take. When it comes to taking a picture of the landscape, taking one photo is just as good as taking ten. You do not have to waste film on something that can be done right the first time, this can be achieved with a bit of patience, and some practice.



When photographing landscapes, give your photo a feeling of depth by including close objects in the frame as well as the distant objects.

A fine lens for landscape photography is the 50 mm lens that comes as standard equipment on many SLR cameras.But if you are seriously interested in photographing landscapes, a good lens to have would be a wide-angle lens.

Losing detail due to camera shake is the biggest problem in landscape photography.So, a tripod and a shutter release cable are very helpful tools to have.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

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Visual Thoughts! The Photography and Writings of D L Ennis…


When I shoot sunrays like this I try to get the best angle, where they are most distinct and shoot a fast shutter speed…This amazing photo was sold will be used for a billboard.


Hiking the Otter Creek Trail…in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


Taken at Glenn Falls is in Augusta County, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s on private property, but I managed to get to it to take some pictures. The falls itself drops 25-30 feet into this beautiful natural pool after which the creek continues East to the Tye River in Nelsen County.


This is Otter Creek, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, on an early frosty morning in early March, 2007…


A tranquil scene on a spectacular morning on Otter Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia…

Pictures courtesy by D L Ennis

© 2007 D L Ennis, All rights reserved.


D L Ennis can find beautiful landscapes right where he lives. He married Dawn and they are now live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

That’s the great thing about nature, it’s everywhere, and landscapes are everywhere. And that same sunset behind the mountain that you’ve seen everyday since you were a kid may look pretty amazing to someone who has never been to the mountains.

If you love nature and landscape, you won’t regret to spend your time to explore his photography here. Many beautiful and amazing pictures can be found in his Visual Thoughts, the photography and writing of D L Ennis.

His photography can be simple and everyday or it can be vast and amazing. It’s all about the great pictures he takes. it’s how he takes the picture that makes it beautiful and treasure to someone else. And I admire his works.