Is this Little Talking Common Mynah Bird a pet or nuisance?


This little bird is Common Mynah which can be seen everywhere in the city, rural villages and even housing estates. They are often found in front of houses, in gardens, on tree tops, roof tops or on fences.

People like to keep this little talking Common Mynah birds as pets as they can mimic human speech. The farmers love them because they eat insects that destroy crop plants.

Many people especially while driving may find them a nuisance as they fly and hop around these places or along the road sides looking out for any food littered on the ground.They also feed on insects

I saw this little talking Mynah bird while we were pinicking at the Lake Gardens recently. It was busy searching for food all over the park, in the dustbins and on the ground.

Is this little Common Mynah bird a pet or nuisance?







10 responses to “Is this Little Talking Common Mynah Bird a pet or nuisance?

  1. Sadly, he may become a nuisance as he gets used to being close to people. Especially, if people start feeding him. He is just adapting to the changes in his environment to survive so I can’t blame him.

  2. thanks for the rose comment
    we have these birdies in australia
    ours are just as cute & myschievous looking as this one 🙂

    i like how your photography tells a little story; it tells me, he’s playign hide & seek with you..the last one made me smile

  3. I like the pictures of you stalking the Mynah bird. The focusing is very good. Also I wonder whether the Mynah bird can mimic human speech better or the parrot. I haven’t heard the Mynah’s speech before.

  4. I like the top photo best.
    I’m not happy with people feeding wild animals. It seems that all the good intensions have adverse effects. Here in Denmark the Mynah birds are held as pets in cages. -Although its a long time since I saw one..

  5. Just dropping you a note, Chris, about my blog’s first “assignment”. Thought you might like to participate. Hey, and anyone else reading this is more than welcome, too!

  6. Thank you for all the comments. Carsten, the photo taken was the mynah bird which just came out after looking for food from the dustbin. I am still not sure if they are pets or a nuisance.

  7. Great photos, again. You’re simply amazing. Keep that pictures coming! Great job!

  8. They’re a nuiscance at our place….they favour one big tree….the noise they make in the evening is dreadful….and sometimes they squabble during the night…..and we have to trample through bird droppings to get into the garage!!!!!!Anybody got any ideas as to how to persuade them to go to a farm and eat the insects!!!

  9. Cool photos. We don’t have Mynahs here.
    But they certainly look like characters.

  10. Nice capture! Maynahs are not common with us, so not a nuisance at all. People love to keep it is pet.

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