Another new puppy of Shih Tzu dog



Photo By : Gaye Johnson

As the year 2009, I started to make a habit to get up early to go for a morning walk. I saw an elderly man always taking his Shih Tzu dog walking in the playground where I live. The doggie dressing with cloth on it body looks alert and strong. I walked up to the elderly man who was sitting on the bench and I told him the dog is beautiful.

I start to think of those photos that I received from Gaye Johnson who emailed me during the festive Christmas.

As an updated of the story of Shih Tzu dogs, many may like to find out how their new puppy looks like.

Here it is……Gaye and Stan got this new puppy on the 16th December 2008 and they named him Lemley. He will be 12 weeks old and he is very cute as you can see from the photo. And also a photo of Remy, the little black dog from their children who are staying in Massachusetts

Gaye now has three Shih Tzus dogs and she said Lemley likes Panda and Reggie.Their son Jon and his wife Kathleen and three of Gaye’s grand children flew down to celebrate the festive holiday with Gaye and Stan in Florida

I sincerly hope this new and good little puppy will bring some smiles, joy and happiness to Gaye and Stan at home.


8 responses to “Another new puppy of Shih Tzu dog

  1. Chrisy,
    This is great. Thanks for using the dogs as your Blog subject. It took me by surprise and I love it. Many thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for the pictures of Gaye Johnson’s dogs on your blog. Little Lemley looks adorable even though he lacks the typical dark eyestripes of the breed. Sometimes, the angels just forget to paint one or both of them on when they are so busy making the perfect puppy. Lemley is perfect in every other way with a sound structure, beautiful head, healthy background and wonderful temperament, making him a wonderful addition to Gaye’s home as a companion. In fact, she chose him over his brothers who were perfectly marked on their faces. So, he is adored and loved in one of the most wonderful homes any puppy and breeder could ask for.
    Regards, Sally Watkeys

  3. Glad to see that Gaye and Stan have very good company in their Shih Tzus. Yes, theirs are very cute doggies.

  4. Gaye & Sally Watkeys

    Thanks for your informative comments which allow me to understand better about this Shih Tzu cute little puppy Lemley.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  5. oh my both are cute!!!!!! 😀

  6. thankyou for the comment 🙂 i do think the tigers on your side of the world are much cuter

    the second pup is too adorable, looks like a little teddy bear ❤

    these photos are lovely i might add

  7. seldom saw black color shih tzu, mostly black and white, or brown and white

  8. Chloe, Calvyn and Nono,

    Thanks! I agree with you all Remy and Lemley are cute and adorable puppies. Remy,the black color shih tzu is very rare and unique.

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