The Hibiscus flowers from Cameron Highlands



The hibiscus plant can be grown easily, and is found almost anywhere in this country even in the highlands where the weather is cooler.They can be found in public parks, private compounds, pathways or roadsides.

The hibiscus plants also vary in height, some are tall and some short shrubs. Some grown on the ground while some grown in pots. They are planted with well-planned landscaping to beautify the garden.

I noticed that there are quite a number of hibiscus flowers of various varieties and of different sizes, shapes and colors planted in the pots for sale in Cactus Point, Cameron Highlands during my recent holiday visit. .

I think the weather is the important factor as I found the flowers in Cameron Highlands are bigger and rich in color, and the plant is much healthier with much bigger and greener leaves. It looks different from the Bunga Raya planted in our garden.


9 responses to “The Hibiscus flowers from Cameron Highlands

  1. Yes, the hibiscus flower is very beautiful and it is the national flower of Malaysia. I like the picture of the yellow hibiscus flower. Yellow ones are quite rare, I think.

  2. What astonishing color – so vibrant!

  3. I really enjoy seeing these wonderful flowers, their bright colors and the light, as we are missing so much at the time here in the north. Actually many people are buying lamps with daylight, in attempt to avoid depressions.

  4. i love hibisus flowers, they’re my favourite! these are gorgeous shots, what lens did you use for these(?) x

  5. Thank you my friends.

    Birgitte…I hope what you mentioned can work.Take care
    chloé …..the photo taken with a Canon 70-200mm zoom.

  6. thanks, i’m having fun learning about my new camera
    i hope 2009 is wonderful for you
    & i look forward to seeing your photographd throughout the year x

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  8. great shot at all.
    in my garden also has hibiscus flower or what we call kembang sepatu in Bahasa Indonesia [Indonesian Languange]

  9. May take pretty picture in Macau

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