Are the wild Malayan tigers protected from The National Tiger Action Plan.


I think this is a good news to many people who love wildlife that the Malaysian government wants to double its wild tiger population. The Star published this story written by AP and I read it with interest after the white tigers attacked and killed a cleaner in Singapore Zoo..

Malaysia has launched an ambitious plan to double its wild tiger population within 12 years by protecting jungle corridors where poachers prey on the endangered big cats, activists said.

The National Tiger Action Plan aims to have 1,000 Malayan tigers roaming in the wild by 2020, said Sara Sukor, a spokeswoman for Malaysia’s chapter of the World Wildlife Fund, one of several conservation groups that helped the government create the plan.

Authorities estimate Malaysia’s wild tiger population has fallen from 3,000 to 500 in the last half-century, largely due to illegal hunting and the human encroachment and destruction of the tigers’ natural jungle habitat. Tiger meat is exported, served at exotic restaurants and used in traditional Chinese medicine — all illegal acts under Malaysian law. Continue reading

These were photos of two Malayan tigers which I captured in the Zoo Negara. I posted some related articles on this ” big cats ” as I love to photograph them.





5 responses to “Are the wild Malayan tigers protected from The National Tiger Action Plan.

  1. This is indeed very good news. Doubling the population of the wild tigers will ensure that they do not get extinct so fast. And you’ve got many excellent tiger pictures to illustrate the story!

  2. yeah, we must give our best to save our wildlife.

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  3. This is excellent news. I’ve enjoyed photographing these magnificient creatures in zoos in North America this year. I would rather do so in the wild where they are not only beautiful to see but play a vital role in their environment.

  4. I am a bit skeptical in this. It could be another 2020 or just second MSC. We need real help from expert with passion, I wish to take part one day.

  5. For more info about the Tiger Action Plan, please see

    Browse our site to see what YOU can do for the Malayan tiger!

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