It’s look like a sunbird?


These are some photos of a colorful little bird which were taken in the Cactus Point, Cameron Highlands. It looked almost like the Olive-backed Sunbird but there is a difference in color. I believe this bird belong to the Sunbird species.

This colorful little bird had flown into the nusery and was sucking nectar from the flower to flower.

It’s chirping sound and appearance are almost the same as the Olive-backed Sunbird which I snapped in my garden. The only difference is that the underparts of this bird is white in color and the size is slightly bigger.

As I posted It’s a Olive-backed Sunbird earlier, they are small songbirds, at most 12cm long. The underparts of both male and female are bright yellow, the backs are a dull brown color. The forehead, throat and upper breast of the adult male is a dark, metallic blue-black.

Does anyone know the difference and name of these colorful little birds?





3 responses to “It’s look like a sunbird?

  1. It sure is difficult to get great wildlife shots. It seems too many variables are not under your control.

  2. Rvewong
    Thanks! I admit these photos are not good enough and I simply don’t have the right lens to take this little bird. This photo was taken with a 70-200mm zoom lens and the pictures were heavy cropped and enlarged.

  3. Interesting little bird. Looks a bit like the humming bird which flaps its wings to be stationary to suck nectar.

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