The Roses in Rose Valley Cameron Highlands



We visited the Rose Valley,Cameron Highlands in the afternoon. The entrance fee is RM4.00 per person Its main attraction as according to its name is the varieties of roses in this garden . Countless variety of roses of various shades of colors can be found here but some of the flowers appeared to be withering indicating the end of their bloom span. Those fully bloomed ones were fading, their petals showing signs of age with brown and blemished spots even on the leaves.

Nevertheless we were enthralled by the beauty of the roses not to mention the fragrances as we held the soft petals close to our nose. We were excited with the different fragrances of the roses, some smelled stronger than others. The sweet fragrances reminds us of perfumes in our talc and soaps.

We all agreed that the leisure walk among the beautiful and fragrant blooms in the cool climate was really therapeutic for city folks like us.We are grateful that the caretakers of this rose garden have taken good care of this place not to mention its clean washrooms.

We hope to come again but this time maybe in September, the peak of the blooming season when there is also the annual flower parade.

Flowers grown in Cameron Highlands include roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums, fuschia and gladioli. You can buy cheap flowers here at flower nurseries or the market.






10 responses to “The Roses in Rose Valley Cameron Highlands

  1. Look like you go in wrong time..ha2

  2. Some very vibrant colors, I like the way you captured the last rose.

    – Evan

  3. these are lovely, i love flowers; my mum has a crazy rose garden, in the back yard she has four standards & 16 bushes
    & out the front she has 8 on the first landing/retaining wall & 8 on the top landing/retaining wall

    it’s mad, but really goregous

    7097 is my favourite, i love the softness & the depth of field x

  4. I like the theme of fully ripe roses just about to fade away. It gives the flowers character.

  5. Nice to see roses – no roses around these parts for many months.

  6. Very nice.

    I have just ordered a new lens, a Sigma 30mm f/1.4, for indoor no-flash photography. Can’t wait to get it.


  7. Evan and Michael
    The first and beginning…Thanks for dropping by and commenting..very appreciated
    Chloe-Relax and to enjoy your coming holiday
    Bo-My blogfriend..Winter in Wisconsin is always a dream for me
    Dale and Ssk..My friends here..Nice to meet and chat

    Thank You !

  8. The pic are very nice… Seem like you enjoying the cameron trip very much. Have a nice day!!

  9. thankyou for the comment 🙂 i’m sure they will all be safe (pets)
    take care & i’ll check in when i’m home from my holiday
    take some awesome photographs whilst i’m gone! x

  10. The weather is good, beautiful flower, best place to camp

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