Cactus Point and all the cactus you like




Back to my Cameron Highlands tour…..The night was cool and the air was fresh. We were undecided of the plans for the next day. Eventually, Tony and Erin decided to have a morning walk at 6am while I made up my mind to go for an early photography shoot before our morning breakfast at 8.30am

My family and I over slept being lazy to get up from the warm bed. Tony and wife managed to wake up earlier to keep up with their planned morning walk

The apartment we stayed in Vijay Dahlia, is owned and managed by the famous Hollywood James Bond star, Micheal Yeoh’s family. There was no outward beautiful attraction in the apartment but the cool weather and the natural beautiful green surrounding made up for it.

We had our breakfast at a small foodstall in Binchang. We all had hot spicy curry noodles and hot coffee to warm ourselves in the cold morning .

Cactus Point was the first place we visited during our Cameron Highlands holiday It is situated within Binchang. The entrance is free. The Cactus Point and Cactus Valley are the two most popular spots if you want to see the most variety of cactus plants.

As you enter Cactus Point, you would notice that its main attraction is in the center where all the various cactus plants are placed prominently. On the left is a section for all the popular flowers and on the right a small section of strawberry. All of them are for sale, including the miniature cacti as souvenirs. They are easy to care for.

Cacti, cultivated by people worldwide, are a familiar sight as potted plants, houseplants or in ornamental gardens in warmer climates.

Do you know Cacti are commonly used for fencing material where there is a lack of either natural resources or financial means to construct a permanent fence. This is often seen in warm climates, such as Kenya. This is known as a cactus fence and it was reported in the Wikipedia..

Cactus fences are often used by homeowners and landscape architects for home security purposes. The sharp thorns of the cactus deter unauthorized persons from entering private properties, and may prevent break-ins if planted under windows and near drainpipes.






12 responses to “Cactus Point and all the cactus you like

  1. Beautiful pictures of a wide array of cactus delights…crawly cactus, upright cactus and what have you. Yes, with all their prickly needles, it would be a good idea to have a cactus fence!

  2. Wow! What a cactus photo haul!

  3. Very interesting to read. I would like to give you a link to a post from Cindy Dyer from my blogroll, who also posted very beautiful cactus photos some days ago:

  4. Birgitte

    Thanks for the comment and link given. Cindy Dyer has posted some beautiful cactus plants which I think few of them I can’t find here.

  5. Hi ChrisY,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I enjoyed your cactus photographs as well. Where are you located? You can link to my blog if you like. I’ll check back on yours to see what’s new, too!


  6. those are just incredible photos, especially right now as we are under about a foot of fresh snow here in new mexico

  7. 6902 is my favourite! i want an incredible camera like yours 🙂

  8. CindyDyer, CheyAnneSexton and Chloé

    Thanks! I really appreciated you all like the cactus photographs

  9. I love those conical ones! They look like something out of a Tim Burton movie or Dr. Seuss book.

  10. I’d love to see a cactus fence.

  11. You have very nice cactus photos, love them all. Liked reading your write up a lot. I love going out in the morning.

    I love visiting Cactus Garden, which is about a couple of kilometers from my house at Panchkula, India. I love it. More I visit it, more I love it. I love visiting it with my camera gear. Cactus offers me unique photo opportunity and I have been able to get some good photos now, planning to have a photo exhibition.

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