The colorful little bird returns again with a companion



The colorful little bird returns
…When I heard the familiar chirping, I knew the little bird has returned. She has been coming to my garden frequently and now she has ventured to resting in my porch.

It was on a afternoon and the weather was hot. This time she comes with a companion, it may be her boy friend and they were both chirping noisily.

Maybe they have enough feeding on the nectars of the flowers in my garden under the hot sun and needed shelter.

The female bird I believe is the one with bright yellow coloured breast while the male has yellow and purplish blue neck.

I quickly took out my camera, Canon 30D and 70-200mm F2.8 telephoto lens. This time I captured it closer but against the light..

As they were in a lovely mood, they lingered long enough for me to snap several shots. They were singing and chirping but unfortunetly they didn’t come close to each other. I captured only the one which I had posted when she was wriggling her body against the leaves of my bonsai plant. I hope I will be able to capture both of them together one day

The colorful little bird seem to be doing some exercises, stretching her left and right wings when she was hopping on the grilles that enclose my porch. She did not fly away as I moved close behind the curtain.

My wife and I could have a good look at this colorful little bird and we realized how tiny she is, she is about one and a half inches long. The legs were so very thin and with the sharp pointed beak. Tiny as they are, like all other creatures they are capable of surviving on their own, looking for their own food and a safe dwelling place of their own

We may like their presence but the only complain is their droppings.






7 responses to “The colorful little bird returns again with a companion

  1. It is indeed a remarkable bird, have you any idea about what name it has?

  2. Birgitte

    Thanks! I am sorry until now I still don’t know the name of this little bird.

  3. Amazing! Now 2 little colorful birds. You seem to be able to attract birds. Soon there will be three or four colorful birdies and you’ll have a busy time photographing them all! Have fun.

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  5. woww..
    what a wonderful pic!!
    great shot

  6. I just love birds and your shots are excellent. Have you seen His photos are incredible of birds in flight and bugs and…..
    also just wanted to let you know that you are on the homepage @
    Cool huh?

  7. CheyAnneSexton

    Thanks! Nice blog of beautiful photos and information about birds and bugs…and I will go back again.

    Glad to let me know my blog was featured at the homepage @

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