A story of Shih Tzu Dogs

photos by : Gaye Johnson
Doggies Beauty Update …

Gaye Johnson is a dog lover. She emailed me two photos of her lovely pets Panda and Reggie. Both of them are Shih Tzu dogs, Panda is the one in black and white and Reggie is the lighter color. Gaye treats both of them like puppies though they are quite elderly. Panda is twelve years old and Reggie is going to six in November. Shih Tzu dogs has a life span of about 15 years.

Her husband Stan too loves Shih Tzu dogs. They both live in Florida and they always encourage friends and family members to get Shih Tzu dogs. Their son owns one and it is named Remy. The dog is pure black and is a beauty. All of their dogs come from a breeder in Traverse City, Michigan. Two years ago she lost one of the Shih Tzu dog TeeCee. He died when he was eleven. Gaye said she may add another one if everything is going fine with her husband.

Gaye mentioned that TeeCee’s father, Mowgli, was Panda’s grandfather. And Mowgli is also Reggie’s greatgrandfather.  They are all of the same breeding line. In fact Panda’s father is TeeCee’s brother and Panda is TeeCee’s niece All of their dogs come from a breeder in Traverse City, Michigan.

With its long, floor-sweeping double coat and royal bearing, the Shih Tzu was another imperial court favourite. It was cross-bred from the Lhaso Apso (or Tibetan Mountain dog) and the Pekinese. In Chinese Shih Tzu means “lion”. Asiatic dogs for hundreds of years were bred to resemble miniature lions. These so-called “Lion dogs” were small and bearded, had encompassing heads, level faces, short noses, huge round eyes, square bodies, and short legs.

Due to the Shih Tzu’s size at only nine to ten inches (22.8 to 25.4 cm) high at the shoulder and weighing about nine to sixteen pounds (4 to 7.2 kg), these bundles of joy are just the right size for every home and lap. Though small, playful and mischievous, it is not afraid to stand up for itself and defend its master. The breed was bred to be loving They only want to love and be loved

Gaye loves the Shih Tzu dogs partly because of her family background. Gaye’s mother was born in China and lived there until she was married.  Her father was a missionary for the YMCA and they lived there for 30 years. Gaye’s mother met her father in China and he brought her back to the USA.

Gaye and Stan are a lovely couple and they always find time to walk with their pets Panda and Reggie in their backyard. I am sorry that Stan was admitted hospital but now resting at home. With Gaye’s tender care and I hope he will return fast and full recovery.

Gaye love photography and she like to take pictures of birds, flowers and wildlife. Many of her good pictures can be found in her blog Gaye Johnson photography

16 responses to “A story of Shih Tzu Dogs

  1. What an interesting story, Chrisy. This is great. Thanks! Panda and Reggie thank you too 🙂

  2. Gaye
    Thanks!It is you to give me the thought and information about writing a story of shih tsu dogs. And also the two photos of your beauties, Panda and Reggie

  3. Wow! A nice story of Shih Tzu dogs.These dogs look very cute and the photos are well taken too.

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful writeup about the Shih Tzu and giving credit to the breeding behind those owned by Gaye. She is a dear, dear friend who loves her dogs and takes wonderful care of them.
    My husband, Dick, and I have worked hard establishing our breeding program here at S’Dandi Shih Tzu in Traverse City, MI. Thank you, again, for the compliments.
    Sally Watkeys

  5. SS Kanesan
    Happy Deepavali! Glad you have time dropping by and comment. The photos are taken by Gaye and she is a good photographer.

  6. sally watkeys
    I must say again it is Gaye who give me the information and your link. Glad you like it. and also thank you for dropping by and leaving me a nice comment.

  7. This is such a nice and interesting “portrait” you have made here, of Gaye and her husband. Many bloggers prefer to be anonymous, or write as little as possible about themselfs, including myself, but actually it is very nice to know a little about what kind of life ones blogfriends have, it makes it more easy to write a personel comment.

  8. Birgitte,
    I appreciate your comment.Thank you.
    Blogging is a wonderful way to make friends. It is fun and also enables us to have more things to share.

  9. What a very interesting writeup about Shih Tzu puppies, or rather dogs. Panda is twelve years old which is quite old for dogs. Well, I never knew you have so many blogfriends who are dog lovers. Makes life very interesting. Good!

  10. Hello, I agree with you!

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  12. I would bet you that these are my dogs jake and skoshi. They are dead ringers all the way down to their haircuts and the tongue hanging out. I am just amazed at the resemblance.

  13. you are truly taking good care of your dog he is now 13 years old, hope that he had a long life better ahead.

  14. WOW these two dogs look exactly like my two shih-tzus! I have a black and white female named “Mia” Panda bear and a brown and white male named Deer “Hunter”…..i showed my son your pic and asked him who it was and he said “Mia and Hunter”!

  15. Panda and Reggie’s pictures are so cute! They look so lovable and innocent. Thank you for sharing these here on visuallens.wordpress.com. I actually read the part about their family connections thrice, my mind seemed to have a hard time digesting it. Haha! You’re additional information about these cute little Shih Tzu dogs are interesting. I enjoyed reading it. This reminds me of my cousin’s Shih Tzu. He usually brings her with him when they come to visit us. He named her Shia. I also love playing with her.

  16. I guess I’m not the only person who tells family members to buy a Shih tzu. I do the same thing. I have five of them myself and would not buy any other breed. These dogs are good with children, a good companion, loving, and the best friend any one could ask for.

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