Doggies Beauty

I was attracted by dogs barkings while having lunch with my family at the Summit Shopping Complex recently. Then I realized that there was a dog competition at the lobby which was surrounded by a rather large crowd of people looking curiously at the doggies.

Suddenly two dogs look familiar and caught my attention.It made me think of my blogger friend Gaye Johnson’s Shih-Tzus dogs Panda and Reggie

Many of the dogs came well-groomed with their fur immaculately brushed. Some even had their coat or tail colored, and like pampered children, they were dressed and carried around by their owners.

It was just merely a competition of doggies based on their obedience, ablility to follow the commands set by the tester. The dog owners will show the signal and command their dogs to follow.

I don’t know much about dogs and I don’t know why many of these dog owners want to own dog at home. Is it because their children are begging for one, or is it because they need one to guard their house to warn would-be intruders?

I talked to some of the dog lovers to get some tips on how to handle the dogs at home and in public. Dogs are wonderful companions and they are happy to see you when you come home that they can barely contain themselves. Some dogs get so excited that they jump up on you and anyone else that comes to visit.

Many dog owners will send their puppies to some special care centre where they get together with a qualified trainer to start teaching their puppies the basic obedience commands like, sit,stay, and so on.

When you socialize your dog, you’re getting him to learn through experience that new sights and sounds are fun, not scary. And many dog owners will exchange ideas among themselves when they take their dogs to get more exposures to socialize at dog competitions.

Perhaps it is a good idea to own a dog when I retire. Taking the dog for a walk in the morning or evening will also produce a soothing effect and even decrease blood pressure. But I know my wife will hate it as she dislikes and afraid of dogs.


10 responses to “Doggies Beauty

  1. Chrisy,
    Your story about the dogs and their owners is a gem……you know so much about them. And your pictures are great…the one of the two Shih Tzus sure looks like Panda and Reggie. But I like how yours are groomed. I must look more carefully and copy the faces …that owner did a very good job. And thanks for the ‘ping’.

  2. Gaye
    Thanks. These dogs lovers know everything to keep their dogs healthy and good looking. They even know what foods should be given to their pet dogs as well. Some even told me that they made their own cook food for their dogs….

  3. Bow! Wow! What cute doggies. Good thing you carried your camera with you to the shopping complex for lunch with your family when you stumbled on the dog show. From what you wrote, you seem to be a dog lover yourself. Good!

  4. Cute, but I’ll take my self-sufficient cat any time of the year.

  5. Dale Ng,
    Thank you for your kind comment. Being a dog lover yourself, you should know more about dogs and glad to know you like my posting.

    I will take my camera along if there are any photo opportunity.

  6. Allergy is preventing us from having dogs in our home, we have to just look at them. Your photos are very nice.

  7. Bo
    Thank! It is fine to own a cat or a dog at home.

  8. Birgitte,
    Thanks for your comment…Yes some people are allergy to pets like dog and cat, may be due to their hair.

  9. People do love their pets, don’t they? Great photos and story.

  10. Scott,
    Thanks! They love their pets and some people even own three or four pets at home.

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