Valentino Rossi won in Polini Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix

Wow! I got an invitation to watch the Polini Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2008 at Sepang Circuit. I have not been taking photos of motor sports here for years and it is totally different from the past.

The Grand Prix motor racing track at Sepang is an international standard compare the old days in Shah Alam. The photo equipments which used in the early 70 was totally outdated as the old anolog camera has no motor drive. The technology of cameras nowadays has helped photographers so much easy to shoot this type of action photography.

My movement restricted as I was only allowed to be in the grand stand areas. My past experience led me to get a place where I can snap within my shooting range. It took me a while to gain back the feel of shooting.

The super bikes has more power as the thunderous sound of the super bikes’ engines roaring round and round the circuit was deafening.

The weather was hot and Valentino Rossi may like it that way as he was beaten by Pedrosa´s Repsol on pole position on raining. The 2008 MotoGP World Champion had started from second on the grid, but held onto the tail of Pedrosa´s Repsol Honda RC212V as his rival attempted to make an early breakaway

Finally Valentino Rossi took victory number nine of his 2008 season in the Polini Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix, escaping from the clutches of Dani Pedrosa in the final third of an exciting race at the Sepang circuit. click here to Read the sports event in detail

Just to share some of these photos which I took from the grand stand with my Canon 30D and 70-200mm telephoto lens


6 responses to “Valentino Rossi won in Polini Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix

  1. Well done ! Still very steady and I like the shot of Valentino Rossi ( yamaha 46 )

  2. The shots were quite good actually, considering you were restricted to the grand stand area only. I also like the human interest shots of the crowd that show the atmosphere at the grand prix.

  3. Kanesan
    Thank you! I have nothing to say as you are the sports specialist. But I must admit the reflex is very much slow

  4. Dale Ng
    Thanks for your kind words. I will take note to have more human interest pictures in future.

  5. Too bad, I miss this. Saw the picture of the girl on the shoulder, poor guys…

  6. Pin
    Zoom for better view…Valentino Rossi is too attractive that she want the guy to carry her on the shoulder. On that particular moment I don’t think she know her weight

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