The loving chimpanzees kissing in courtship

When you walk into the Ape Center of Zoo Negara, you will see three chimpanzees on the left. Two males and one female chimpanzees in an open fenced compound.

I saw one of the male was sitting alone and the other was keeping close to the female. They walked on all fours ( hand and leg) , knuckle-walking and the female will follow the male wherever he goes.

They are like human couples, the male chimp lovingly takes care of the female and they are always helping each other. I saw them took turns to scratch each other’s back. They are a lovely couple, played, kissed and sometimes they were making some kind of sound like they are talking in their own language.

The other male was just sitting there quietly without disturbing the couple who were in courtship. He knows how to confine himself as it’s opponent has captured the heart of the female chimp already.

In jungles where these wild chimpanzees live in groups, the female chimps are very dependent on the domineering males to look after and to get food for them everyday. The males would be looking for food not only for their stomachs but also attracting the females chimps’ attention. According to new research, female chimpanzees are “selling” sex to the males that gather the most fruits. Interesting Read

According to a report from the National Geographic, chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, sharing more than 98 percent of our genetic blueprint. Humans and chimps are also thought to share a common ancestor who lived some four to eight million years ago.

Chimpanzees can stand and walk upright. By swinging from branch to branch they can also move quite efficiently in the trees, where they do most of their eating. Chimpanzees usually sleep in the trees as well, employing nests of leaves.

Chimpanzees are generally fruit and plant eaters, but they also consume insects, eggs, and meat, including carrion. They have a tremendously varied diet that includes hundreds of known foods.

Chimpanzees are one of the few animal species that employ tools. They shape and use sticks to retrieve insects from their nests or dig grubs out of logs. They also use stones to smash open tasty nuts and employ leaves as sponges to soak up drinking water. Chimpanzees can even be taught to use some basic human sign language.

Females can give birth at any time of year, typically to a single infant that clings to its mother’s fur and later rides on her back until the age of two. Females reach reproductive age at 13, while males are not considered adults until they are 16 years old.

Although chimps and humans are closely related, the apes have suffered much at human hands. These great apes are endangered and still threatened by bushmeat hunters and habitat destruction.

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8 responses to “The loving chimpanzees kissing in courtship

  1. Wow! they act like humans and … to love and kiss…
    They also know to “sell sex” to get food…
    Really enjoyable post and good photos.

  2. Chrisy,
    This is a treat to read your interesting information and to see your good pictures.

  3. SS Kanesan and Gaye

    Thanks You my friends! Glad you like it.

  4. Chimpanzee! Awesome shots. 😀

  5. Ingchia
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment.

  6. Wow – some really amazing photos. I just got back from a few weeks in remote China, and while we didn;’t see any chimpanzees there, we ran into a handful of Rhesus monkeys while climbing some peaks at Zhangjiajie. It’s fascinating to photograph primates – I would really struck by the humanity in their eyes and expressions. Your photos communicate that humanity well.

  7. Chris
    Thank for dropping by and leaving me a nice comment.

  8. uuhh! what a disgusting sight

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