The Colorful little Bird Bathing In My Garden



I have been observing this colorful little bird for quite some time. It has been coming to my garden every morning. The visits have been consistent, perhaps it likes the many insects that are found in my garden. The abundance of hibiscus flowers with the rich nectar could also be attracting it.

I wanted to capture this colorful little bird with my camera. As it does not keep still for long, flying away and back again, I had to think of a way to make it stay longer.

Watering my garden plants till they are thoroughly wet did the trick.I took out my Canon 30D camera and fixed with a 70-200mm zoom lense and I had to hide at a corner and wait for her appearance.

When I hear the familiar chirping and chirping and I know that the colorful little bird has come. The chirping may be talking or singing to her fellow friends of her own kind.

Instantly I knew where this little bird is but it noticed me and flew away. It came back again and went to my hibiscus plant which is out of my focus.

At last it landed on my bonsai plant as the leaves were drenched with water. It seemed to be enjoying itself rubbing its tiny body against the moist leaves…

I quickly pointed the camera and click on the shuttles. Clicking all the way along where she is stretching her wings and body. I tried to get a closer shot but it was sensitive to my presence so it flew away.

I am very sure this little bird will return as usual the next morning and I will have the opportunity to capture more photos of it.




8 responses to “The Colorful little Bird Bathing In My Garden

  1. nice cute birdie. good shots.

  2. Redonion
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a favourable comment. The photos is a heavy cropped and it will be better if I took it with a long telephoto or a telescopic lense. ( I can’t afford it )

  3. I’m sure it took a lot of patience to capture those nice shots of the little colorful bird. It sure is worth the while.

  4. hi nise photo..n nise to meet u here

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  7. Hi just stumbled on your site and found these pics on the little bird. The species is called “Sunbird”. Google it for more info. Cheers

  8. Thank you A.T..
    Yes you are right, this species is called ” Sunbird” which I has mentioned in another posting

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