Canon 1D Mark lll vs Nikon D3 And Canon 50D vs Nikon D90-which is the best?

Photos by Kamarul Ariffin/The Star
As I mentioned in my recent article, it
is interesting to know how many professional photographers especially from newspaper companies and wire agencies were using the Nikon D3 or Canon 1D Mark lll in the recent 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in China.

I talked to the sports photographer Kamarul Ariffin from The Star who has just returned from the Beijing Olympics Games in China. He told me that Canon and Nikon both had set up their service centers there so as to attract these professional photographers from all over the world to use their high end professional cameras, Canon 1D Mark lll and Nikon D3. Both rivals try to pin down each other by seeing the numbers of their cameras being used by these photographers in the field of their coverages

The camera war hots up and Nikon has improved the numbers of photographers using its Nikon D3 , the numbers which Nikon has lost to the rival Canon recently in the professional market.

But that was then, and this is 2008. At this year’s Olympics Games In China, the number of Nikons in use by professional photojournalists seems to equal if not surpass the number of Canons

He has taken some pictures of these Nikon D3 and Canon Mark lll used by the photographers during the Olympics Swimming Games as there are as many black lenses as the white ones. Many of these photos ( above ) can be seen in Wire. Some venues have even more of black lenses than white ones. Click here to view the high resolution photo taken at the Beijing National Aquatics Centre by José Manuel Colomo

Though the Canon 1D Mark lll may have the edge over fast auto forcusing but many of these sports photographers are more concerned with the camera with its crazy low-light shooting; they prefered Nikon D3 for indoor events which they can set to ISO as high as ISO 3,200 or beyond. High ISO shooting is fantastic with relatively low noise and most importantly, they still are able to produce quality action photos without any noise interference.

The camera war will continue and let see how Canon shape up in its battle with its rival with their professional products.

Canon 50D vs Nikon D90

Canon and Nikon continue the battle in the semi professional camera market where it is unusual that both launched their new models – Canon 50D and Nikon D90 – with important new features in almost the same time.

Canon 50D

No surprises to hear that Canon has launched the much anticipated EOS 50D, an upgraded version of EOS 40D. On the surface it looks almost similar to its predecessor. However, there are quite a few significant improvements; fifteen megapixel CMOS sensor, faster DIGIC 4 processor, 3.0″ VGA LCD monitor with Live View mode offering 3 AF modes, ISO sensitivity expandable to 12,800 and an HDMI connection for High Quality Image viewing. It also includes a new Quick Control screen which shows the most commonly used settings and Creative Auto mode for automatic focus and exposure. A new cleaning and dust repelling system, huge buffer, color temperature analysis and more.

To view : Canon 50D Sample Gallery

Nikon D90

Nikon launched a new D90, a follow-up to the very popular D80 with some of the new features introduced in the D3, D300 and D700 cameras, including active D-lighting, face focusing, scene recognition and a live focus mode that also features three focusing systems. It has an amazing 51-point AF module with 3D-tracking. They’ve added 3D-tracking to the D90’s 11-point AF. Other features of note include a new 12.3 MP CMOS sensor, and continuous shooting at up to 4.5 frames per second, and more.

To view : Nikon D90 Sample Gallery

More surprising is the inclusion of the world’s first DSLR video mode (720p HDTV quality, no less) There is an argument over this feature whether it should be included in the semi-pro camera.

Canon users claimed that this is a toy video mode with poor quality and it shouldn’t be introduced in this semi-pro camera. Some said it is better than nothing. It will continue to be argued over and over, but will Canon follow suit in the follow-up of its next semi-pro model?.

Both companies managed to launch the two systems that are so closely spec’d. It’s a huge issue that both Canon and Nikon are pumping out new camera models at such a fast rate, as it means that both are aware that the other company is trying to gain market share and that Nikon is finally back in a position to get out new systems at their previous rates.

The megapixel wars are likely over—the race for more and more pixels in a camera seems to be at a relative plateau for consumer cameras at least—but the drive for more features in a shorter turn around time is new and is hopefully here to stay.


3 responses to “Canon 1D Mark lll vs Nikon D3 And Canon 50D vs Nikon D90-which is the best?

  1. I am a sports photographer and I have been using Canon all the years. I will like to continue using it.Go Canon 1D Mark lll

  2. SSK,
    Don’t forget to click the high resolution photo which circulating on the web. It shows the numbers of sports photographers using Canon and Nikon, the white and black lenses. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?

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