Photograph these free-flying lake birds in Zoo Negara during feeding time

When I entered The Zoo Negara from the main entrance, I saw some free-flying lake birds mostly painted storks hopping along the road near the lake. I am not aware what they are there for and I thought it was a timely opportunity for me to take out my camera for the shoot.

I heard some sounds coming from a moving van. It was the Zoo workers delivering foods for these free-flying resident birds.

It was around 9.40am in the morning. I realised why all these free-flying lake birds were waiting along the road. These free-flying lake birds are intelligent and they know they can get some free meals here at this hour.

Later I found out that many of these free-flying lake birds are not residents here. some of them from nearby areas and will come back here every morning for their food.

School holiday has started now and if you want to have a family outing for your young children perhaps it is a good idea to take them to Zoo Negara and to photograph these free-flying lake birds during their feeding time. Go early and wait for your photo opportunity at this feeding spots.

All these pictures are taken on a rented Canon 1D Mark lll and Canon 70-200mm F2.8 telephoto lens.

Click to view some of these enlargement pictures of these painted stork birds from my other blog Pixellens


3 responses to “Photograph these free-flying lake birds in Zoo Negara during feeding time

  1. Beautiful pictures taken during feeding time. I like the third shots especially to view on the enlargement from your other blog Pixellens

  2. Thanks! I like the shot too.

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