One Year anniversary

Today, August 12, 2008, is exactly one year since I made my first posting on Visuallens.

It was a difficult start since I have little knowledge about blogging and writing. I started Visuallens using a free WordPress platform. I’m thankful to my photography friends who are helping me to pass through this journey.

I really try my best to learn during the first few months. I was aware that the contents and photos are important. And I have to keep on improving in order to succeed.

A great deal of work went into the development of Visuallens. I always make an effort to make sure the photos are of high quality before I posted them on the blog but it wasn’t like that earlier on.

Since January 12, 2008 exactly 5 months after launching Visuallens, the site got 13,206 views and it received a Google PR4. This really has given me some great encouragement to continue in my blogging. I have to upgrade my photography equipment especially the camera and lenses in order to have some quality photos.

The blogging experience has given me serious thought and also some fun in meeting those who share the same interest in photography.

On August 1, 2008 Visuallens received another good news. It was promoted to Google PR5. It has a total 51,900 views and I really feel great for the moment when my friends congradulated me for this achievement.

Some of my friends have given up their mouse as they get tired when there is no breakthrough. There were also time when I just sit in front of my computer and I don’t know what to write and post. But I know I have to keep on as Visuallens will have the opportunity to attract more readers resulting in more visitors and getting to know new friends.

I am at the crossroads now as some suggest to me that I should go for my own web hosting.

That’s all I have to say about the first anniversary and many thanks to all the support given to Visuallens. Reading and commenting for this past one year. I have made some great friends on the Net through this blog.

I’ll continue this incredible journey and hope Visuallens will continue to provide great enjoyment to visitors with its postings.


15 responses to “One Year anniversary

  1. Congratulations as you go into the 1st year of your very successful blog. It is a very well-earned success as you took a lot of trouble to keep on improving your blog. The photos are getting better in quality and diversity. You really deserve the Google PR5. Congrats!

  2. Dale.Thanks for the encouraging words.

  3. This calls for congrats for a job well done so far. All the best as you continue your journey to photographic excellence.

  4. Congratulations! It’s hard work to keep a daily photoblog, I know, and I think you’ve done a grand job.
    I’m doing the same thing – and my anniversary is Oct 6 so I have a few more weeks before I get to an entire year. I didn’t know anything either, when I first started – isn’t it amazing how much you learn by actually doing the work, day in and day out.
    You’ve done a great job!!!!!

  5. Chrisy,
    I admire your accomplishment and don’t forget to mention how much you’ve helped others along the way, including ME 🙂 I’ve just started but you’ve given me unselfish help and great encouragement.
    I can’t thank you enough and you are my role model.
    Keep up the great work and great blog. I enjoy your good pictures and comments everyday.
    Thank you, my friend!

  6. Bo,
    Thanks for your congratulations and kind comment. I treasure the relationship I built within the blogging world especially from you.You have given me support and advices. I really appreciate it so much. Thanks for being with me.

  7. Gaye,
    You did very well and your blog has scored a Google PR4 less than 4 months and all these are your hard works and great photography.

    I’d like to celebrate the one year anniversary and share the happiness with you

    Thank you, my friend.

  8. Time flies by really fast doesn’t it? Congrats on the 1st anniversary! May you have more wonderful years ahead 🙂

  9. That’s a date, Chrisy. I think my year started on May 30th ..I must remember that date so we can celebrate. And another great year ahead to YOU.

  10. That’s a beautiful bird! I might be new here, but congratulations anyway! All The Best! 🙂

  11. Glenn and Sumedh,
    Thank you for your congratulations and kind word I appreciate your present here for my 1st year anniversary.

  12. Congratulation visuallens on your 1st anniversary, keep on blogging and share your vast experiences in the photography world, all the best.

  13. congrat! Visuallens did very well and thank you so much of your help to write about my wedding and my photography.

  14. Happy birthday Visuallens! Hope you have the “fire” to continue blogging and shooting. All the Best.

  15. Good job. Enjoy the creative adventure.

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