The orangutans

I had not been to the Zoo Negara for a long time. I decided to visit this time as I wanted to photograph some of the animals and birds there. I reached there in the morning at 9am. There was a colorful trailer to take visitors around the Zoo but I decided not to hop on it. Walking around leisurely is the best opportunity to get the best shots.

Zoo Negara is run by a non-governmental organization. They need public donations and funds to maintain their daily expenditures since the day it opened. Zoo Negara is now 45 years old and has matured into a well-known zoo all around the world. It has a total of over 5137 animals from 459 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

I decided to snap some photos of the orangutans. They are originally from Borneo Sarawak and Sabah.The word orangutan means man of the forest” in the Malay language.

Feeding time starts at 10am and I didn’t want to miss it. I walked straight to the orangutans area and I waited for almost one hour but there was no zookeepers to be seen.

Three orangutans were sitting on a wooden platform that was built on a tree for them to sit on. Ropes were tied around tree to tree but they were lazy to swing with their arms.

I started to take pictures of these three orangutans. Two of them seemed to enjoy the attention as they posed for the camera. The other one is too lazy perhaps she is hungry for food.

I noticed that one of them is old and have a large, bulky body, a thick neck, very long, strong arms, short, bowed legs, and no tail. The orangutans are mostly covered with long reddish-brown hair.

Pictures taken on a rented Canon 1D Mark lll mounted with a Canon 70-200mm F2.8


10 responses to “The orangutans

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  2. Broadface Orang Utan are Borneo Orang Utan 🙂

  3. Very nice Orang Utan pictures. I didn’t know much about them so found your description very helpful. And that close up is awesome! He looks like he has on a fur coat and cap 🙂

  4. Nice shots. I took these pictures with a Canon 500mm telephoto lens

  5. Earnpin and Gaye,
    Thank you for commenting.
    You must have some nice close up photos of these orang utans. And you are always welcome to share your photos over here.

  6. Very nice photos. I went to a zoo recently and took photos but I don’t have your patience. If the monkey was not showing his face I went on to the next exhibit.
    Next time I am going to be more patient and wait for the animals to do something. Great shots of these wonderful creatures.

  7. David
    Thanks for your kind comment. I am lucky that the two are enjoying on my clicking but the other one just seemed to be annoyed with my presence..I think he is resting or too hungry.

  8. I like the first picture very much. It’s a great portrait of an orang utan – very magnificent. You have to be very patient, I suppose.

  9. What a splendid show – they are magnificent creatures.

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