The flower and the bee

The flower and bee

The flower and the bee

The flower and the bee

This is a full bloom water lily with star-like, pale blue flowers about 15cm wide, and distinctive yellow stamens.

Color and scent are often the driving forces in attracting insects and bees to the garden in search of pollen and nectar. The lotus or water lily blooming in the pond at the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

It was just like the movie The beauty and the beast, they love each other. The flowers need the bees so that they can bring their pollens for cross pollination. The bees visit the flowers to collect pollen and nectar for food for themselves and their young.

The story of this flower and the bee encapsulates the delicate but beautiful balance of nature and the importance of keeping eco-systems intact

These images were taken on Canon 30D mounted with EF 100mm Macro Lens. It cropped and enlarged to the size and lucky it still hold the quality.

The flower and the bee

The flower and the bee

The flower and the bee


11 responses to “The flower and the bee

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  2. Gorgeous series.

  3. I’m awed by these pictures of the flower and the bee! They’re beauties! And such a good lesson in keeping the eco system alive and well.

  4. You’re very lucky and clever to shoot a bee on a water lily flower. How interesting!

  5. Very nice. The colors are superb.

  6. wow! nice shoot. where u get this pictures.. very very colors and nice! can i go with u next time?

  7. Outstanding photography!

  8. Bo,Gaye,Dale,David,Brian,Quilly

    Thank you for all the encouraging words. I appreciate them.

  9. Worderful!

  10. The flower with the bee looks so good that it almost seems unreal.

  11. jordan dupuis

    that picture is really nice and is reallllllly cool and i like to picture on bee and flowers

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