The Little talking Mynah Bird

I walked in the playground at Lake Garden and I saw this little bird on the tree. It was a little talking Mynah bird looking hungry for its meal.

The Common Mynah is a mynah ( Myna ), a member of the starling family. This bird is native in southern Asia from Iran and Kazakhstan to Malaysia and China, and in Egypt. It is also known as the Indian Mynah and as the Talking Mynah for its ability to mimic human speech..

“Mynah” is not a biological classification within the starling family, but rather a geographical one. “mynah” (“maina”) is the Hindi word for starling, and this name has tended to be applied to starling species native to southern and southeastern Asia and the southwest Pacific. The word “mynah” derives from the Sanskrit “madana,” meaning joyful or delightful, which comes from the word “mad,” to rejoice, which in turn derives from a root meaning “bubbles.” So ultimately the word “mynah” means “bubbling with joy.”

In its native India the Common Mynah is called the “Farmer’s Friend” because it eats insects that destroy crop plants. They are also highly regarded by gardeners in other countries as natural insecticides. In some countries people keep mynahs as pets. They make intelligent and affectionate pets as they can learn to greet their owners in several languages

The Common Mynah builds a nest in hole in a tree or wall. The normal clutch is 4–6 eggs.

This 25-cm-long bird has dark brown body and wing plumage, with large white wing patches obvious in flight. The head and throat are dark grey. The bill, bare skin around the eyes and strong legs are bright yellow. The sexes are similar. Mynahs mate for life.

2 responses to “The Little talking Mynah Bird

  1. I don’t know that the Common Mynahs are originally from India…I always find these birds walking along the roads.

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