The Amazing Haziq by Azhar Mahfof..

Patience and persistence paid off for The Star photographer Azhar Mahfof when he won the first prize in the Best Photo Essay category of the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) – Petronas Malaysian Press Awards. He received the award from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

His winning photo essay titled Amazing Haziq featured the daily routine of a 12-year-old boy, who was born paraplegic.

Last year, Azhar Mahfof who photographed the life of a 12 years old boy Mert Bert in Cambodia, has also won him the first prize for Best Photo Essay in Malaysia Press Institute (MPI).

With the same entry, the Angkor photo essay also won him a Gold Award of IFRA Best Newspaper Photographer category at the 6th Asia Media Awards 2007.

The Amazing Haziq

Azhar Mahfof said he spent two months persuading Mohammad Haziq’s father to allow him to take photos of his son’s daily life.

“After I got the permission from the father, I spent two days talking to Haziq and his father so that I could portray the true picture of the fiercely independent boy,” he said after receiving the award here last night May 2, 2008..

Like most 12-year-olds, Muhammad Haziq is full of energy. He plays football almost every day, swims, scoots around on his skateboard and hangs out with his friends as much as he can. Oh, and he loves school, too.

But Haziq, as he is fondly known, is no ordinary child.

Born a paraplegic, he does not have the use of his lower body (his lower limbs are not fully formed) and relies on his trusty skateboard to get around. He uses his arms to navigate his way around and lift himself up.

The Year Six pupil, however, refuses to let his disability stop him from doing any of the things he loves. Read More

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5 responses to “The Amazing Haziq by Azhar Mahfof..

  1. That’s a remarkable photo essay. Remarkable kid. And the photos are definitely first place.

  2. I concur with Bo =)
    Very remarkable.

  3. What wonderfully moving work. I am awed by it.

  4. My Memorial Day photo lesson. Thanks for posting.

  5. Greate photos, greate story! Impressive!

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