Nikon D3 firmware upgrade again..

I understand there are some problems with the Nikon D3 Firmware v1.10 lately. It is understandable that those who bought the Nikon camera are not happy about it. Some photographers who bought the Nikon D3 for about RM14,000 are feeling frustrated when they found out that something was wrong with this highly-rated camera after downloading the firmware. They don’t know what to do about it and are confused with the upgrades. This posting perhaps may help those Nikon D3 owners to clear their minds regarding the firmware upgrade.

Follow the report by Rob Galbraith about what went wrong here:

Firmware v1.10 for the Nikon D3, released earlier this week as a download from Nikon support sites appears to have introduced an intermittent photo corruption problem to Nikon’s flagship digital SLR. We’ve been bitten by it, received a handful of reports from other D3 shooters who have too, while a thread on a popular Web discussion forum is filled with posts showing or describing precisely the same offset ghost image phenomenon we’ve experienced since loading the new firmware on Tuesday.

(Update, April 18, 2008: Nikon has now confirmed the photo corruption problem.)

And also what PDN reported:

What is it with buggy updates lately? First there was that problematic Adobe Lightroom update in March and now there’s this dodgy Nikon D3 firmware issue. After withdrawing Version 1.10 of the D3 firmware because of some incidence of photo corruption, Nikon has posted Version 1.11 B of the firmware alongside Version 1.10 A. Yeah, don’t ask.

If you want the Mac version of the new D3 firmware, click here.
If you want the Windows version of the D3 firmware, click here.

What the Nikon said, click here

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