Brides Speak Their Minds About Photographers’ Web Sites

These are some photos taken in the Lake Garden. It has always been the ideal place for wedding photographers to take photos for their clients. This reminded me of the story which appeared in PDN, what three brides had to say–good, bad, and unedited–about the web sites of five wedding photographers.

PDN recently recruited three brides-to-be to critique the web sites of five wedding photographers, and published an edited version of their comments in the April issue. Here are the posting of the brides’ unedited critiques, along with responses from the photographers.

The three brides were Emily Jendrek of Albuquerque, New Mexico;
Jennifer Saba of New York City; and Melanie Erb of Ellicott City, Maryland.

The photographers whose sites they reviewed are:

1. Charles and Jennifer Maring of New York City and Connecticut.
2.Ben Chrisman
of San Francisco.
3.Frank DiMeo
of Ithaca, New York.
4.Dana Rossini of Los Angeles.
5.Matt Mendelsohn of the Washington, DC area of northern Virginia.

The project was intended to help readers understand what actual brides (read: clients) like and dislike about wedding photographers’ web sites. That’s important because web sites are primary marketing tools for wedding photographers, but content, design, and structure of their sites varies widely.

In reviewing the web sites, the brides answered a series of questions, including what they thought about the quality and quantity of the photography, whether the sites provided enough images and enough information about the photographers’ services, and whether the sites conveyed the photographers’ personalities. Read More

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3 responses to “Brides Speak Their Minds About Photographers’ Web Sites

  1. Thanks for highlighting this article. It is interesting to see what people are saying about websites and blogs.

    I’m not a wedding photographer, but my hint when looking at wedding sites is , how many different weddings are illustrated with examples!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Over the past couple of years it seems that a large percentage of the dSLR owners fancy having a go which has flooded the market. Some are really good, others not so, so you really have to be careful with your choice.

    Wonderful Natural light work will be a big feature of those with the latest high end dSLR and fast lens this year.


  2. Good to hear out what those bribes have to say about the composition and quality of the photos taken of them. You have to watch the lighting, the angle of the shot, and capture the right expression at the right time.

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