Light and shadow-Thean Hou temple by night



On the 10th day of the Chinese New Year, I invited two of my close friends, Tony , Joseph and their families for a dinner at the Pines restaurant in Brickfields. I chose to have dinner here as we all lived in Brickfields when we were teenagers decades ago..

We had the traditional Yee Sang as a start for our Chinese New Year get-together. We enjoyed the good food and the conversations which covered stories of our younger days in Brickfields for almost two hours.The dinner ended at about 9.30pm. We proceeded to the Thean Hou temple with Tony’s family.

As I had taken some photo of light and shadow at the Thean Hou temple in the day,. I was keen to take some photos at night. The display of red and colourful lanterns at night turn the whole place into a fairyland.

The temple was packed with people. Some were here to get their blessings from the Thean Hou goddess to have better luck and also to offer New Year prayers. Some others like me came to admire the colourful lightings and to take photos..





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