Light and shadow-Thean Hou temple by day




The big bright red lanterns displayed at Thean Hou temple were so colourful. Many visitors were attracted to come to take photos during the day and even in the night.. Many Chinese worshippers were also there praying to the Goddess Thin Hou to bless them with good health, prosperity and good luck.

The blazing afternoon sun was directly on my head as I was going up to take some photos of the colourful lanterns and people offering their players in the temple. ’It was then I realized that it was much more than just the beauty of the lanterns itself that was drawing my eye. It was the interplay of light and shadow, creating a pattern of a series of black circle of the lanterns on the floor in front of the temple.

I am not the type of serious photographers specialized in light and shadow photography, who work with light to define the subject, and seek shadow to conceal it. They take maximum advantage of the “golden hours” at dawn and dusk to bathe their images in the beauty of rich, warm colour.

I took these photos and I hope you all like it. I would like to come back here to continue shooting the thean Hou temple with red lanterns display at night






One response to “Light and shadow-Thean Hou temple by day

  1. I love the shadows of the lanterns on the street.

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