Kanchanaburi – Waterfalls and Elephants Ride

Finally we come to an end of our kanchanaburi trip. The five days holiday trip in Bangkok Thailand has given me food for thought about their tourism and no wonder it is called a paradise for holiday makers. Perhaps I have to come again next time as there were so many beautiful spots that I haven’t explored in this trip.

Don’t forget to visit Kanchanaburi as it offers stunning natural beauty like caves, spectacular waterfalls and parks as well as adventure tours including its famous elephant treks through the famous River Kwai.



My wife and son went on an elephant ride. They were sitting on an elephant. The weather was hot and sweaty. At first they didn’t really like it (scared) but later on they felt comfortably safe and enjoyed the bumpy but adventourous ride. We also went for an elephant show where two tribes riding on elephants fought each other in the ‘battle ground’.

Later the van driver took us to a waterfall nearby. Kanchanaburi Province has seven major waterfalls. We had almost one hour to spend at the Erawan waterfall while waiting for another van to take us for lunch. The waterfall landscape is among one of the most beautiful places in the province and in the shade of the trees, temperatures are comfortable!

We found a place to sit down in the surrounding of the waterfall and enjoyed the natural beauty whilst listening to the water falling and watching tourists take a quick cooling dip in the water. It’s a thrilling sensation to be walking all over this lovely waterfall. Many tourists were taking photos here.

These are some photos I took at the waterfall.







3 responses to “Kanchanaburi – Waterfalls and Elephants Ride

  1. How beautiful! I would love to go there.

  2. What fabulous colors in the elephant photo, and such a different life. I would love to visit.

    And elephants IN the River Kwai? Wow!

  3. Hello,

    How much would it cost for the elephant ride/trek alone? I’m searching for a good place to go elephant riding in Thai and find that Kanchanaburi looks great.

    Thanks before

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