Kanchanaburi – War Cemeteries









We visited the Kanchanaburi – War Cemetery, the resting place of thousands of POW’s who were forced into labour camps while constructing the Death Railway and Bridge On The River Kwai.

In Kanchanaburi town, there are two beautifully neatly maintained cemeteries. Both cemeteries are surrounded by beautiful gardens, well taken care by local volunteers. Flowers are often seen left on the graves by loved ones from all over the world.

We came to the cemetery in the heart of the town where they buried almost 7,000 POW’s who lost their lives in the hands of the Japanese Army, following their invasion of Thailand during World War II, when British, Dutch, Australian and American prisoners were brought to Thailand from Singapore.

A plaque reads

1939 – 1945

The Land on which this cemetery stands is the gift of the Thai people for the perpetual resting place of the sailors soldiers and airmen who are honoured here.

Chong War Cemetery

We have no time to visit The Chong Kai Cemetery, on the banks of the River Kwai. It is smaller and it buried almost 2,000 POW’s

The cemetery can be reached by boats, available at the pier in front of the town gate and also from the Bridge.


4 responses to “Kanchanaburi – War Cemeteries

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  2. Makes for some thought-provoking time. Cemeteries, so silent, also seem to speak so loudly.

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  4. For those, who are interested to visit the war cemetery or other attractions in Kanchanaburi

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