The Floating Market- Damnoen Saduak

We went to the floating market Damnoen Saduak in Ratchaburi, situated about 110 kilometres west of Bangkok. It is about two hours drive from the hotel we stayed in Bangkok. We went there almost at noon time because the earlier tour van had some problems and the journey was delayed. We had to wait to get on to another van..

I suggest that you go there early in the morning before 8 o’clock.The place is congested with tourists and boats in the later part of the day. Most tour buses and vans from Bangkok start arriving at about 9 a.m.

We enjoyed a swift long-tail speedboat ride down the Chao Phraya River and networks of khlongs (canals) – the waterways that earned Bangkok its ‘Venice of the East‘ title. You’ll pass orchards, traditional teak houses and local people going about their daily lives.

Finally we reached the floating market where a James Bond movie was filmed many years ago in an exciting chasing scene. This is the best known place where timeless lifestyle of native Thai people can be observed along the canals.

We rented a boat to go around the canal. The price is between 300-400 baht per boat.It’s totally chaotic and colourful, noisy, touristy but great fun







Canals are filled with flat boats laden with all sorts of merchandise paddled by lady vendors ready to stop and bargain with potential customers. You can see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying local Thai hawker goods.

The variety of goods; food and noodle soup, fresh fruits, vegetables, artcrafts, handcrafts. paintings and all sorts of souveniers from these small boats.

These have created a photogenic scenery which captivating most tourists into clicking and clicking.

Many foreign tourists are attracted here. They come from Australia, New Zealand, England, America, Canada and Mexico. We also met some Japanese.


9 responses to “The Floating Market- Damnoen Saduak

  1. OH, I miss the place.!! Are u have fun there? I only going back there on next year only.

  2. Go there early in the morning before 8 o’clock. Then you have more fun where the crowds there. The morning will be more cooling and you can see how the local trade their business among themselves as well as how the tourists bargain

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  4. yes, finely, i going there next week. i thing i will batter pictures this time. I hope so. this time i will be there by 7am.

  5. Have a nice holiday and get more photos for your blog. Blogroll me and I will link to you.

  6. ya, i have post some of the floating market pictures, feel free to visit.

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  8. Great collection of photos, you should do it again under better conditions.

  9. rvewong
    Thanks! I hope I can visit there again. The photos were taken by a compact camera when my Canon DSLR run into problem. Generally I need more time or a longer holiday.

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